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1 year ago

I look into the world and started questioning myself "Where are we even going in this world? Did our so-called leaders ( Governments) are working toward the aims of transforming the world into a better place for the upcoming generation or will the unborn kids also go through all this violet crime and life difficulties?

Then I found out that those we position as the leaders have failed. They are not capable to control their home talkless of leading the country into the promised land. All they care for is to smuggle/embezzled the money and resources belonging to the development of the country and for the growth of the citizens to a developed country ( Abroad ) for the betterment of themselves and their families. They had failed to contribute positively to change the world into a better place because of their selfish act.

Looking into the current situation we found ourselves in today's world. The world is now becoming scarier for everyone to live peacefully without fear. It is so sad to visualize that more disasters will happen to the next generation. That the next years the world might become worst and more dangerous than it is today if nothing is done to stop the violent crime from people today.


No one is even safe anymore, coz you can't even work alone anymore during the day or night, you can't even board a bus alone. The rate at which is criminality is increasing every blessed day is so alarming that our future is at stake. The media never stop bombing us with more of killing, rapists, robbery, bullying, drugs trafficking, and many other bad acts which also keep skyrocketing every day despite the awareness of those we called our leaders (Government) but nothing is been done to stop it.

Those we called leaders are inhuman coz they don't even care about it since it didn't have any effect on their family, they prefer to see the citizens losing their life every blessed day. Most of them have the power to stop this act but won't cause they are the ones behind them, backing and using them to carry out the criminal operations.

March 26, 2022.

I woke up early yesterday and then pick up my canvas to go out for my daily workout which I have been trying to meet up with for the past few days for me to regain my stability. On the norm, I usually get up from bed by 06:3o a.m. but yesterday decide to make it earlier coz it's the weekend and also I need to get back home before sunrise.

Luckily I get back home early before and then took a shower to get rid of the sweat in my and to feel relaxed. After that, I made something delicious for my breakfasts since my mom and sister weren't around...

Some minutes later, after I finished eating I took some rest coz I have nothing important to do for the day. I try to sleep but could not coz everywhere ( both Indoor & outdoor ) is feeling heated. The NEPA (electric provider) has been offending with their crazy bills and without even using providing the citizens with light, which makes everywhere feel bored and heated.

I decided to surf the net for a movie to keep my company but did not find an interesting one. So, I move to the balcony to take some fresh air. A few minutes later I recall a movie which @Princessbusayo shared in her last writing title "Harrison". Good, I found it on Netflix. So I started watching before I noticed a text message from my mom, which he asked me to meet her at her shop in the market. I quickly stop the movie and arrange to meet her, coz I thought something bad had happened.

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On getting to her shop everywhere was calm and voiceless unlike before where it was always noisy, I think the lady/women in the house will know well how busy and noisy it is in the market. She asked me to help her deliver some goods to one of her customers that no one is allowed to make a sale today coz something terrible happen. I was curious to know what had happened why no one is buying and no one is selling every other seller was also absent.

My mom explained to me how some robbers killed a particular woman in the market who is going back home last night. She explained further saying the woman had taken a bus which is full of robbers but she was not aware until the robbers asked all passengers in the bus to release all they got ( Jewelry, gold phone, and earrings). Everyone did, but the woman refused so they focused her to release the money and then pushed her down from the moving bus on the highway after they've snatched all she got. The woman was trying to survive on the highway, crawling and groaning for help before he was smashed by a truck which lead to her death.


I feel heartbroken after hearing this from my mom and then sit down, worrying about where the world is heading to. Some minutes later I saw a notification message from my phoenix browser I decided to check on it, then I saw another issue where an 18 years old girl was raped to death by some gangs and later dumped her dead body in a mechanic shop next to her house.

I cried out and repeats the statement "Where are we even going in this world " what the f**k is happening. Are we even safe? Who is next to be hurt?

I just stood up crying and help her deliver the goods and then went back home in a bad mood.

I wonder what would have happened to the woman's body before her relatives got to know about the bad news coz some people are so wicked they might have tried to cut off some part from her body for a money ritual.....(wicked world). The most painful part is the future of her kid's coz nobody can ever be like their mother no matter how they try to appear to them as a mom. I just feel poor for the children losing their mom at an early age😓.

I need to stop here coz I can't even say everything things happening in the world that the leaders are aware of but did not take any steps to make changes. Guys, I need your opinion in the comment section on how the world can stop all this violet crime and make the world a better place for unborn kids ( Next generation).

Thanks for reading, thanks for your time❤.......I remain Olarewaju

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1 year ago


The world is now or let me say the world has been scary since day one that people even governments do things for their personal interest and not for the benefit of the citizens and such things leads to high crime rate in an economy just as you give one example.

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1 year ago

Hmm, a lot is really happening. We only need to pray to God to keep us and our family safe from every danger.

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1 year ago

Amen ........ At the junction, the world needs prayers and a competent leader who can be a good example and a mentor to the upcoming generation. May God protect us all

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1 year ago