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Birthday Wishes

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4 months ago

Birthday comes just once a year, while deathday comes once a life time.

The years we have lived to witness till today is not by chance but by grace from the giver and taker of the life in us.

God is responsible for the breath of life in us, so He is worth of our praise and worship both in spirit and in truth.

No one celebrate death, most especially when the demise is worth to have lived longer.

Death takes always from the earth and position the souls of men for eternity.

The testimonies of death is horror and unpleasant in the sight of men.

However, this is the more reason why we ought to praise and worship God for the breath of life on daily basis.

For we slept and wake, it is God who has kept, preserved and sustained us all.

The wisdom needed to number our days on earth comes by appreciating God for the gift of life.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

I thank you oh Lord for today, adding another year to my age here on earth.

You have being my source of joy, happiness, strength, honour, wisdom, knowledge, glory, power, blessing and everything i am today and forever even till eternity. I thank God for everything.

I also appreciate my parents Late Muyiwa Okanlawon and Mrs. A. Okanlawon for driving me into this part of the earth and their parental responsibilities over me and also in faith.

My siblings, cousins, relatives, friends and well wishers.

I love you all for being part of me all the way.

I celebrate my spiritual parents both far and near, may God continue to increase you all in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

I appreciate my bestie Olori Adetemi, you will always be loved and celebrated.

Thank you all for helping me this far in life.

I am a product of many spiritual fathers, parenting, and disciplines by grace.

Above all I AM A CHILD OF GOD, co-heir to our Lord Jesus Christ seated far above all, an overcome, a testimony, living miracle, walking grace and wonders, I am God representative here on earth.

Thank you God for another new year, shall it be filled with praise, thanksgiving and unending joy in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen

Happy Birthday to ME

I am Okanlawon Oluwaseun Daivd

I am Okanla David

I am the son of God bought by the prize paid on the cross of Calvary to manifest here on earth.

It is God who has made it possible for me this far, all glory be to Him and may His name alone be praise now and forever. Amen



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Written by   16
4 months ago
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Happy birthday to you Okanla! And yes waking up for another day is the best gift we can have every day

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4 months ago

Happy birthday, Okanla! I wish you more fruitful and lovely years to come!

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4 months ago

Many more years to celebrate in life dear.

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4 months ago

Thanks to you...🙏

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4 months ago

Happy birthday my friend, God bless you

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4 months ago

Thanks to you...👌

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4 months ago