It's been years since I joined, I was shocked by the news since I'm not that active anymore when it comes to writing because of my work. I can see that they stopped the tipping because there are so many plagiarism article that was published here but I'm not sure if that is the reason. By the way, I wanna say thank you for the memories and for the friendship that I gained from everyone.

Don't worry rusty, you play a big part and we will never forget how generous you are. Long live rusty! Until we see each other again!

Also, I'm planning to make this as my free diary platform where I will share how's my day going so that I can still write and practice my writing even though I'm not getting any money. It doesn't matter, I just wanna express my writing.

Have a nice day everyone!

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@OfficialGamboaLikeUs posted 11 months ago