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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ambassador Tennis Player - News & Updates, Vol. 2:

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2 months ago

Enjoy My Video Blog "Game, Set, Bitcoin Cash" - Episode 1 // Three Websites & Apps To Follow Me On Tour // Introducing "(Crypto) Investing Like An Athlete" Articles.

Hello, BitcoinCash community! This is Oleksandra Oliynykova, your tennis player, calling.

The past week was pretty busy for me. I am in the final stage of my pre-season preparation, so the nearest 10-12 days will probably be the toughest & most loaded period in the whole spring-summer tennis season.

1. Enjoy My Video Blog "Game, Set, Bitcoin Cash" - Episode 1

Despite all the sports commitments, I am very proud to present you the premiere episode of my brand new, bi-weekly tennis & crypto vlog named “Game, Set, Bitcoin Cash”.

Take your popcorn, click the “Play” button. Enjoy!

I will appreciate your ideas & suggestions regarding the vlog. What do you like or dislike about it? What topics would you like me to cover? Please leave your comments - I read them all.

2. Three Websites & Apps To Follow Me On Tour

A lot of my new friends from the Bitcoin Cash community ask me: "How to track your tournament appearances & performance? What tournaments are you going to play soon (and show up the Bitcoin Cash tennis outfit & accessories collection :-))? Can we track or watch the matches live - through online streaming?"

While the most reliable way is to read this blog and my feeds on Twitter and - it is definitely not the fastest one. First, while I am on the tennis court, I can't post anything (by the way, it is prohibited by rules even if I'd like to - did you know?). Second, it would probably be "too much" to write or tweet on every small detail of the tournament - like match time or weather delay.

So let me recommend 2 simple & convenient apps + 1 website, so you can follow me as a tennis player, track & watch the matches live - and cheer online!

ITF Live Scores is an official match application of the International Tennis Federation. In other words, it is an end-user side of the same software the chair umpires use during our tennis matches.

This app allows you to track all the matches in real-time, point by point. It has all the draws and schedules of all the ITF tournaments currently in progress. Furthermore, if the tournament has an official match streaming, it will also be featured there!

SofaScore is a very popular sports-tracking app for all major sports. While the match-tracking experience is pretty the same as ITF Live Scores provides, SofaScore has three unique features:

- live chat during the match - come and text-cheer for me!

- player’s tracking - search for my name inside the app, mark “Track”, and SofaScore will send you a push notification every time I am going to play!

- wider coverage - besides ITF tournaments, SofaScore covers UTR and exhibition events.

UTR Pro Tennis Tour is a brand new tennis tour launched in 2020. While they still do not have big events like Grand Slams, what they do have are many tournaments for players ranked from 200 to 1000 - played around the world, fairly paid and perfectly organized.

Also, almost all the UTR tournaments have Youtube streams of the matches! I am going to play several UTR events in 2021 - so I invite you to track their website.

3. Introducing "(Crypto) Investing Like An Athlete" Articles

I am very pleased to present to you a series of new articles on my blog under the general title “(Crypto) Investing Like An Athlete". No, it is not financial advice in any way, as I am still new in cryptos (while using & investing for some time).

Instead, it is a tracking of my crypto investments (both successful and not so - I promise to be honest), which I made using the same principles I use every day during my tennis practices & matches.

What exact principles do I mean? Will I have more wins or more losses in my crypto investment matches? What cryptos are pure aces, and what are potential double faults?

Stay tuned, and we all will know answers soon - article by article.

It also supposed to be a two-way process. I want to share my crypto investing story with you, but even more I WANT TO LEARN FROM YOU! So please comment on these articles, suggest your cryptos, vaults, pools, airdrops and everything relevant. Let's crypto invest as Olympic champions - together!

** - Two of my team members, my coaches Denis and Mate, will help me with writing “(Crypto) Investing Like An Athlete" articles - as it is a lot of work! But please be sure - all thoughts, cryptos and investments are always mine, guys will just help me to write everything down.

That's all for today! Hope you enjoyed it, just like me. is an official blog platform for the world-first Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Global Ambassador Athlete. Subscribe to this page to stay tuned!

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Written by   93
2 months ago
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2 months ago

Its good my opinion is to everyone should have interest in crypto like athlete never give up what issued they had face in case of crypto everyone have the ability to take risk and also increase their strength to invest in any matter even risk or not its opportunity to them that if they won life would be better and if they lose they can take more strength.. :)

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2 months ago

Wow it's very nice ,I love bch

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2 months ago


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2 months ago

Wow amazing 👍👍👍

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2 months ago

Love BCH

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2 months ago

Great update 👍 Hopefully from April the tennis will go back to normal

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2 months ago

Great work❤❤

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2 months ago

Still questionable, but we all hope for better.

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2 months ago