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Our Differences are Our Similarities

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3 months ago

Writing Prompt #3–Similarities

I haven't tagged by any, but I still want to participate to @JonicaBradley's writing prompt challenge. I know this topic is already late but I really want to write about this topic.

If you haven't participated in this challenge yet , I tag you @wakeuplincs, @kushina, @kli4d , @Kageyama and @Viktor105 .

"We are all different thus we are all the same. "

We are living in the same planet. We're the same specie. We breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. We have blood that flows in our system.

Humans have countless similarities and differences too. It might sound contradicting but one of our similarities is having differences.

I love contradictions: we are different and we are the same. You'll understand it more after reading

We are different

As we grow up, we meet a lot of people. I noticed and we can't deny it, all people are not the same. We are different in countless aspects.

Race, Language and Culture

We people came from different origins, we speak different languages and dialects, and have varying cultures.

I'm from Philippines, you might be from Nigeria, then she/ he might be from Indonesia, and others are from any country in this planet. My native language is Filipino and other people are English, Mandarin, Afrikaans and you name it. My country has its own culture such as the well-known 'pagmamano'and saying 'po at opo' while other country has their own too. These indicates that we have different races, languages and cultures.

Sex and Gender

Our sexual orientation and gender identity are not all the same.

I'm straight, while others may not. Taylor Swift is a female and Chris Evans is a male. Halsey is bisexual while Miley Cyrus is pansexual. And other people have different sex and gender too because we are different.

Spiritual Belief and Religion

Every one does not belong in one religion. There are people who believe in God and also people who don't.

I know people who are Roman Catholic, there are Born-again Christians,Muslims and more. Also, there are people who are atheists. People have different religions and spiritual belief.

Social Class

People are born in different circumstances and situations, and we have different amount of income and net worth.

There are people who are multi-millionaire. Others are born in poverty and trying to escape it. We have different social classes.

Perspective and Intelligence

Everyone doesn't think the same way, have different beliefs, and view things differently.

Our intelligence can be categorized from mental retardation to giftedness. We can have opposing opinions and beliefs because of our different perspectives. There are people who believe that the Earth is flat, while most of us are not. Our perspective and intelligence differs.

Actions, Behavior and Habits

Humans act and behave differently.

Someone can act femininely despite being men, and others may seem childish even though they're already grown up. There are people who behave cold and others are too energetic. Also, we can have different habits and some might be weird for others. Each individual actions, behavior, and habits vary.

Interest, Likes, and Favorite

There are things that you're interested in, that you like, or your favorite which are not the same for other people.

I like Taylor Swift and Twenty One Pilots while you might be into BTS and Blackpink. My music taste is alternative music, modern rock and pop punk but other people are Kpop and metal music. I'm interested in music and anime and you might be interested in literature and cryptocurrency. My favorite color is green and others are in any in the spectrum of colors. Our tastes

differs and we have different interests, likes and favorites.


Since the day we are born, we gain and collect experiences.

You might always experience being on top while others are always underdog. Other's experiences still haunt them down even they want to forget these. There are people who experience ups or downs and highs or lows. We have different experiences.

Not just those, the list continues. There are more countless things that differs among us. Indeed, we are different.

We are the Same

Despite our differences,there are still some things we are the same of. Having differences is one of these similarities.

We shouldn't let our differences separate us. We are all the same, so we must unite and be one.

We shouldn't let our differences in race, language and culture divide us. We are all existenting in this planet and we are the same having different nationality, language and culture so we should avoid racism, discrimination and ethnocentrism. Instead, we must have unity, cultural relativism and peace. We should keep in mind that no races, languages and culture are superior and inferior.

The same with sex and gender, there's no superior one. We are born to discover ourselves and we are different in terms of sexual orientation and gender identity. With this, we should accept different genders, don't spread hate, and support each other. We shouldn't discriminate other gender including those who belong to LGBTQ community. There's no need to discriminate someone for being who they are and judging someone for doing different roles to someone's sexuality.

We have our own beliefs and we are all the same having differences in terms of religion and spiritual belief. We should have mutual respect and understanding instead of judging someone for his/ her belief that is not aligned to yours.

There are social inequalities, social stratification and separation because of our differences in social classes and status. We are all trying to survive in this planet and we are the same having differences in our social class so we must avoid the social issues said earlier to manifest. Discriminating and judging should be stopped too because people aren't born with the same circumstances.

Another, our mind works differently and we are all the same having different perspective and intelligence. Our opposing perspective should not opposed us too. We should try to understand each other's perspective and keep in mind that if we're right doesn't necessarily mean others are wrong. And remember that intelligence is not the measurement of our value.

We are all that act and behave differently and have varying habits. As long as these are not unethical, immoral and wrong, we should just keep our mouth shut and avoid judging people based on these. Let them be them.

My taste is not always the same as yours because we have different interests, likes, and favorites. There's no superior one and let people enjoy things they're interested in and like. Avoid quarrels such as fan wars and judging others because his/ her taste is different to you.

Lastly, our experiences accumulate the day we're born and we are all the same having different experiences. We shouldn't judge someone and invalidate his/ her feeling because of his/ her experience. We're not in the same shoe, so we don't know what they've been through.

We have endless similarities with each other. We live in Earth. We are homo sapiens. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. We live and exist.

Not just that, we are all the same having differences. So we shouldn't let our differences separate and divide us all. We should embrace our differences and accept these. And don't let negative things such as racism, superiority, judging, quarrel and more happen because we're different.

Different or the same,be kind. Be a human.

I'm back again. Thanks for reading.

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Written by   78
3 months ago
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