Hard Money. Sound Money. War is peace. Day is night. Black is white. 1984 levels of double-speak.

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3 years ago

An open letter to ABC (really, Amaury):

Tell me how is it sound money or hard money to randomly f--- with the block times? How are 11 minute 15 second conf. times for 5.5 years, randomly, at your whim "sound money"? Is this sound? Can you claim this with a straight face?

And how is it hard money and/or sound money to not even have the courage to communicate this fact clearly in your little communiques to China?



" .. slightly adjust the target block time up or down ...". You don't even have the courage to be specific about what the implications are. Because even you know how badly that will go over.

Sound money my ass. The only thing that's sound is your desire to smugly get away with bullshit so that our wills are broken so that we may accept the next outrage from you.


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so nice

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3 years ago

I wholeheartedly agree.

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3 years ago

Drift correction. When messing with coin emission once a year just isn't enough.

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3 years ago

Agree 100%

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3 years ago

People nowadays have different ideas no matter what it is, its always about profitting and gaining. Hope its not too late for us to realize.. Peace should always prevail!

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3 years ago