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The fact is that I fell in love with him but the man may not know it. I see him from behind whenever I get a chance, I touch his finger in the name of giving a file whenever I get a chance. Ish his Mardala type pressure beard doesn’t let me sleep at night. I go to sleep with hundreds of dreams. He doesn't even know it. I have given him a name to match his name. Oops what a pain! What does he know that I didn't take a sip while making him coffee!

Singing in a voice full of sadness, I collide with him. Doesn't he understand this song and for him?

I made a mistake, I didn't just fall in love, I broke my arms and legs, Kunu was alone. Now I turn around behind her for medicine.

Today, when I see his girlfriend, I think I ate raw. How many times have I tried to punish them, aha, their love is the glue of Phoebe's call. It's been a lifetime. I can't run anymore.

That sir! God knows why he called.

- Do you have this thought in your head all day? How can I convince sir?

- So I have a tie. When will this ass guy understand why I turn around before him!

There is no point in eating, sir, will you fall in love?

- Sir, there is no need to read. If the two go after who will pick up! I'll just read

He walked happily to Miftah's room.

- Will you come, sir?

Don't look up,

- Yes, come on Miss Tushti. Have you completed the file that I gave yesterday?

- Yes sir, he raised his finger under the pretext of giving the file.

- Uhu, you don't know how to touch these touches. So use another technique next time.

Saying Allah, he kept his mouth shut and was satisfied.

- Hmmm, another thing from tomorrow, you will not give coffee.

He stood in shock of 420 volts. What did you say, sir? He is going to be beheaded in shame.

- You can come when your gossip is over.

If he is satisfied, he throws his hands and feet and cries. But nothing will do here. Jihan came from the side table and leaned down and said are you upset?

- Oops. Oh bad guy can read my mind.

--Who are you talking about?

- Nothing

- Hmm. Knock while leaving. I'll take you home.

Office Hour is over. Jihan signals that satisfaction will come out. As soon as Tushti came downstairs, Miftah came with a car.

- Miss Tushti, come on. I reached home.

Not satisfied, Jihan turned his face and looked the other way and came with the bike.

Before Tushti got up, Miftah said, "Jihan, you go. Miss Tushti will go with me."

- That means sir.

Look, I'll attend the meeting alone, he needs to be there. Otherwise I don't have time to play twelve hours of your romance.

Jihan stands ha and Miftah pulls Tushti into the car.

- What happened? Look, I can't go to any meeting fittings at this time.

- Very well. When I say so, it will go away. And yes, where is the courage to get on the bike with Jihan?

--I mean. It's my business. And you hang out in the cabin with your girlfriend.

- Do not interfere in my personal life.

--Wow. Don't show me these bosses.

Miftah grabbed the brakes in a hurry.

- You don't have to tell me what to do or not to do. And listen, I know very well how to take care of my own things.

Tushti did not understand the beginning of his words. He got down in front of the house and drove away.

The next day he came to the office and went to Miftar's cabin to fetch some files. Miftar's witch girlfriend named Annie is trying to delete something very close.

--Sorry I needed to get in with a knock.

Before Miftah could say anything, he ran and was satisfied. After colliding with Jihan, Jihan realizes that something has happened. Jihan and Sumi are very busy in the canteen at lunch time. As soon as Miftah came in a hurry, he threw the lunch box on the table. Everyone stared in amazement.

- Why are you crying when you come here and are having lunch too. Who will listen to my lunch ready?

Miftah grabbed his hand and brought him to the cabin whenever he wanted to get up quietly without saying anything. Holding it against the wall, he pressed it to his waist and said,

- All the ties you saw are wrong. So far I have not had a cup of coffee and stomach and lunch is being eaten on that side?

It's all your business to twist and turn. Why did you drag me in front of everyone like this? To be rude? I'm not a filthy girl like your friend Annie.

At that moment, Miftah left Tushti and hit the wall hard.

- Get out. And don't look at you in front of me. Go now.

Satisfaction has been lying on the floor since morning. No, I will not go to the office. Don't go in front of this guy. How about yourself !!! Who will take the resignation letter tomorrow?

As the days go by no one comes in front of anyone. It is impossible to forget Miftah. Satisfaction was announced at the dinner table at night. Fix the pot in a week. I will get married.

Yes, Mr. Hasan tried to understand the image of the girl.

Satisfaction is unwavering. He will get married. Someone more handsome and dashing than Miftah. Then he will go to the office and introduce himself. He will resign with the groom. Huh.

Honestly the marriage went well. Satisfaction has no interest in this. On the day of the yellow on him, it seemed that the executioner would come and tell him to bring a cup of coffee. Miftah K called Tushti himself with a mountain of pride.

- Who says hello?

--I'm satisfied.

--Oh yes Miss Satisfaction. You don't have to come to the office anymore. I would have informed Jihan.

Satisfied with silence, he said I would never come again. Tomorrow is my wedding.

Wow great. Congratulations. Be happy and the rest of your salary will be sent.

Miftah cut the line in a hurry. After wiping away the tears, he took a deep breath and said in a firm voice, "I will show you that I am very happy."

The farewell episode started after the wedding episode ended. Everything ended just fine. Tushti got in the car and did not look at the groom for once. The car is running fast. The speed of Tushti's crying increased. It seems that sitting in anger is making the ultimate mistake of life. Hu hu doing inside the chest. He froze instantly at the touch of an unfamiliar hand. The car left Dhaka on the way to Comilla.

Frightened, he shouted in satisfaction

--Where are we going?

Unable to get an answer from the other side, he sat motionless. Satisfied with the inquisitive look, Tushti was shocked by 420 volts.

--You? Why you And where are we going, where is he?

--Who do you want? I don't like it?

--What do you mean? Stop the car. Please stop the car. My head is not working.

Miftah grabbed Tushti's cheek with both hands and said why are you so stubborn? If you don't manage everything at the last minute, now be someone else's wife. Never again will you insist.

Tusti touched Miftah's hand and began to cry silently. I can't believe now that Mrs. Miftah is satisfied. Tears are flowing.

Miftah's lips touched the water and asked who was satisfied

- Can you take the responsibility of feeding coffee all your life?

Putting his head on Mifta's chest, he said in a tone of pride

- Only if the first sip of coffee is mine.

--Bah! Do you know complacency?


- Touch your lips in my smoked coffee mug.

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Nice story dear

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3 years ago

Thank you dear

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3 years ago

No doubt that you're a good writer bro! By the way I am Wanton you still remember me? Keep posting:)

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3 years ago

that was an interesting story and a great one to read

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3 years ago

Nice story, thank God I don't drink coffee.

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3 years ago

Hahaha.. That's nice of you

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3 years ago

An uncomplete love story.

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3 years ago can say that complete love story with uncompleted ending

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3 years ago