When Inspiration Fails Me

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10 months ago


Writers, who want to dispense value but find it difficult to do, do you know there's a way out?

Inspirations won't show up every time, yet you must maintain consistency

Motivations would disappoint most times because they would seem void and might not give you the vibe to cause your pen to bleed, so what do you do?

Your audience is expecting you to show up every time, they do not care what your source is, they just want you to feed them, they portray you as a 'god' in their heart, and you have no place to hide!

Below are five basic ways to trigger your pen to bleed! Read, hallucinate and love.

1. Don't lie to yourself, raise your hands in surrender. Agree that you are out of ideas.

2. Now, take your time to position your body in the most comfortable way to think at that instance (you can either sit, lay down, rest your elbows on stairs, etc.). Please, don't force comfort, your body will define how it wants it to you. Do you get it?

3. Give yourself a few minutes, you'll be able to remember events past, just one after the other. This is because you are a complication of stories, you are made up of occurrences; you will get one or two self-story (ies) that would catch your emotions, trust me, you wouldn't be able to do anything next better than to use your sword (pen)

4. At this point, don't rush to write. Remember it's your story that prompted what you are about to write, so take your time, don't be too emotional, be sure of the genre you want your content to take and be very careful so that it wouldn't just be an expression of emotions others won't benefit from. You are a blessing, you remember? Let your pen keep blessing!

5. Once you've taken your time to compose content, don't stop at that! (Your head should not swell) don't forget that there is tomorrow and tomorrow. Do you ever notice that ideas come in bulk? When they come, please jot them, they are as expensive as cheap they are! The words you put together would inspire a lot of words to you, write them down!

You might not love to take this same process tomorrow, utilize your ideas! They are golden, expensive and volatile.


Whoever says growth is easy should come out of his hide and proclaim that!

Hello writers, it's okay to thirst for growth and yearn for consistency, this of course is not a prevention of tiredness.

Only a human who has life is liable to thirst and hunger, a dead body cannot. If you don't feel like writing but you know you need to, this shows there is still life in your pen, your ink is ready to blot; all it needs is your desperation to handle it!

See, it's not easy to grow, it's not a child's play to flow; it takes thirst and hunger...

Whenever you are tired, remember there is still life in your pen, it's still powerful! You can't sit down while in the boxing ring when you're supposed to fight with your sword! 'You have entered it!'

Your pen is stronger than you could imagine, you are on the battlefield to fight tiredness, laziness and idleness. Fight them, you are overcome. Hold your sword again, your skill will be revived.


We know your pen is your sword, you can fight and overcome with it, nonetheless, there are some instances when you would be scared of using your sword.

Have you ever been tempted to keep an idea for future references? It's funny but true. You would just feel insecurity

'If I write on this, what will I write tomorrow?'

Let me make something known to you, God who has created you to be a writer knows how to source ideas for you. Maybe you don't get it, writing is like daily bread, you don't know what you will eat tomorrow until it comes but you won't just panic because you will have something to eat!

See, gold and silver, I have not but this which I have is 'pick your pen and start writing jot those ideas on papers, people are waiting for your craft! Don't worry, ideas will come tomorrow! You are not a writer by mistake! You are ordained for the work, you hear?

Go back to your God, keep asking him what ideas he needs to pass so you will pass to the world, you are not the only writer, remember? He will provide you with ideas and help you establish them in your unique way! Dare to be different, seek God.

Has this content blessed a writer? Kindly let me know at the comment session. You won't stop being blessed.

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10 months ago


Guess the feeling is normal and it's happens to everybody. Thanks for the information it's really useful to me.

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9 months ago

Awww much humbled that you liked it. This thing also motivates me to write more and more amazing things.

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9 months ago

I feel same way most times but all I do, is to take a stroll and listen to classical music, when am back, I feel ready to write on anything

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9 months ago

Great to know. I also listen to classical music as it makes me calm environment.

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9 months ago