What do you stand to gain?

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1 year ago
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What do you stand to gain?

I was at a program where I saw several indecent dressings and the big question that popped up in my heart was that what do they stand to gain?

What do you stand to gain when you're dressed in a way you know will make others uncomfortable? The dress might make you comfortable, "there is nothing wrong with it" you might say but here you are making someone else fall away. Mind you, someone else can be a brother or a sister. It is wrong in our world now when people feel the only ones who easily fall prey to seduction that arose as a result of indecent dressing are males. Females could also be affected and fall as well.

Now, what do you stand to gain when you make others drift away through your careless lifestyle?

All you do in this life shouldn't be for yourself, for what pleases or make you happy alone. Your life isn't about you alone if not people wouldn't have been present at your naming ceremony. What you do matters, how you dress and live your life matter because people are looking at you and that's why there is a popular saying that "you are addressed by the way you dress". This wouldn't be if no one was looking at you.

To be a good example to others and to live a life that will please your maker; watch how you dress, watch how you live your life, and be a good and positive influence to all those who are looking at you.

Who are those looking at me? Why are they looking at me? These might be your questions right now and to answer this, I'll say those who are looking at you are those who you've spoken to before, those who have read your articles before or even those who have heard about what you do. You might be surprised that even those whom you least expect to know you knew you one way or the other and follow you closely in all you do.

They are looking at you because the Holy scripture tells us that "the earnest expectations of the creation await the manifestation of the sons of God". Are you a child of God? If yes; they are looking at you because they await your great manifestation of God's glory, they are looking at you to get that which you have to offer.

What do you stand to gain in doing what won't bring to you the true glory you desire for your life? Think about these things. Be blessed!


Have come to discover in this life that there is absolutely nothing new under this sun. Yes, I honestly mean this same sun we all live and breathe under. All that happens in life is simply a matter of time and chance, nothing new but just how we place ourselves for specific things at a specific time of our lives including the opportunities that come our way. My big question now is that what's the time? What's the chance? Why do things happen the way they appear?

My research in all these years of asking questions about time and even chance made me discover that

Time is a fixed asset.

Time itself is a currency because just like money, once it has been spent, it has a way of bringing its returns to you depending on how you spent it.

Time is no respecter of anybody but still doesn't fail a man who walks well with it.

Time and chance are two close friends who walk together and so when we get our time right in life, the right opportunity we need will also come knocking since the two can't do without each other.


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In my own opinion, I would say we should not judge people. They may be seeing it from another angle that you're not seeing it from. I also don't like revealing clothes. That's my opinion

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1 year ago

Agreed. We should never judge a book by its cover. First, we should know them and then show our opinion about that person. Thank you dear for your opinion.

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