Tips for a healthy marriage

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Peace, joy, love, and happiness thrive well in a healthy marriage. A healthy marriage also helps in promoting and maintaining good health, unlike an unhealthy marriage that can cause damage to one's health.

Everyone desires to have a healthy marriage; No one wishes to have an unhealthy marriage.

However, it takes intentionality and hard work to have a healthy marriage. 

In this writeup, I will be sharing some tips that could be of help to you in maintaining a healthy marriage;

Love:- The number one tip for a healthy marriage is love. To have a healthy marriage, you must love each other and always promote love in your home. Love is one of the balanced diets your marriage needs to be healthy. Hatred will thrive where there is no love.

Understanding:- The second tip is for you and your partner to understand each other. Know each other's thoughts, reasoning, behavioural patterns, and intentions. Understand each other's strengths and weaknesses, and so on. Failure to understand your partner will cause you to be having issues with him or her and that can be unhealthy for your relationship.

Trust:- You must always trust each other. You should not leave any single room for doubt between yourselves. Trust is one of the essential elements of a healthy marriage. A marriage with no trust is a walking dead and can lessen the quality of your relationship.

Communication:- Frequent communication is another tip for a healthy marriage. Communicate daily, always have important discussions, and ask yourselves questions to know more about each other. If you do not communicate your mind to your partner, you should not expect him or her to understand how you feel.

Avoid Comparison:- Do not at any time compare your partner to anyone else. Comparing your partner to another man or woman that you wish they were like or better than them, could make them feel less of themselves and this can make them start acting strangely in marriage.

Appreciate And Compliment Each Other:- No one does not love to be appreciated. Appreciating your partner's efforts, support, care, concern, or whatever he or she does is a way you can have a healthy marriage. When you appreciate your partner, he or she will be encouraged to do more.

Commitment: Another tip for a healthy marriage is to be 100% committed to your marriage. Be intentional about it and ensure that you commit your all to it. When you do not commit to your marriage, you are already building an unhealthy relationship.

Create time for each other:- Time is another tip for a healthy marriage, you must create it to make your marriage work. As husband and wife, you must have time for each other no matter how busy you are. Having time for each other helps you to know each other more, get closer, grow stronger, and build strong friendship and intimacy together

Unity:- You are not only to be united in body but also mind. Both of you must be of one mind together. Do not create any loophole between you for an outsider to penetrate in. If the bond and the unity you both share are strong, it will be difficult for an enemy to come in between you.

Support Each Other:- To have a healthy marriage, you must support each other to grow. Does your partner have a particular interest or passion in something? You must support him or her. When your partner grows, you are also the one growing. His or her success is also your success.

Patience:- Being patient with each other in marriage is another tip for a healthy marriage. Sometimes, your partner will annoy and frustrate you but you must have the ability to control your temper so as not to say hurtful words to him or her in anger. You must also be patient to be able to listen to what your partner tells you.

Respect Each Other:- Giving each other the respect you both deserve also helps in building a healthy marriage. Getting married and getting into each other should not mean you should put respect aside. You as a woman should give respect to your husband, men love respect and as the husband, you should not disrespect your wife, accord her some respect that she also deserves.

Working on these tips is a sure way to have a healthy marriage.

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Thanks for sharing this

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You're totally right. All of these are tips to make a marriage last longer. I hope the married ones see this and make use of it. Thanks

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Yes this is exactly what you said. My aim was to write this to guide people about this.

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