Do not pursue what is right

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1 year ago

Do not pursue what is right. Rather, pursue what is right for you at the moment. It's called priority.

Your assignment in life may require that you find God before you find the money.

Others may have gone ahead of you monetarily or otherwise, but the fastest way to abort your life's assignment is by ignoring the PRIORITY of its pursuit.

Simply put: Some things must come FIRST

There are people you should meet/find EARLY in life.

And no matter how far your colleagues have gone ahead of you in their 'lanes,' you mustn't compare where you are to where they are.

You should rather strive to compare where you are to where God wants you to be.

It is easy to think that what others are pursuing is worth our pursuit too. Because what they are chasing is right. But then, in terms of priority, the right things our friends are pursuing may be wrong for us.

For instance, while others are focused on finding money,  the PRIORITY of your assignment and destiny at the moment demands that you find God.

It may look so strange, but that's the demand on you. Don't forget, AT THE MOMENT (FOR THE SAKE OF PRIORITY)

Sometimes, the PRIORITY of your assignment could be that you build quality associations and relationships at the moment. But you're busy building castles in the air.

At times, the PRIORITY of your life's assignment could be that you should separate yourself from toxic relationships and associations. But you're busy with finding more relationships. No wonder we're sometimes frustrated because there's less attention given to the priority of our purpose.

Thank God, Frustration sometimes is a gift to us. Because it forces us to think about where we've gotten it wrong and perhaps where we should get it right.

Think about where you got frustrated. What did you do? You questioned who? Yourself or God?

Have you considered what the priority of your assignment in life should be?

Do you know what is worth your effort or pursuit RIGHT NOW?

Do you know what is PRESENTLY worth your money and time?

Do you know what or where is worth your presence and absence AT THE MOMENT?

Am I pursuing what I should be pursuing, what I think I should be pursuing, or what others are pursuing?

Am I building my life according to the pattern of priority for my assignment,  or according to some random guesswork— hoping I'll evolve into greatness someday?

May we not be too generic that we bury our uniqueness. Amen.

As the month is running to an end, others may be setting new month goals.

Do you know that the priority of your life's assignment could be that you revisit previous goals and execute them? 

While others are trying to come up with something new, do you know that what seems like the 'old' in your past could be what needs your attention?

Don't assume. Be sure. Ask God' at least, and at most.'

Assuming you have no unique assignment in life throws you into the pit of failure. Because your success will ultimately be measured by what God has called you to do. And you can hardly discover your assignment by assumption. Sadly, nobody can discover your assignment on your behalf.

While you set out to pursue what is right, make sure it's the right thing for you AT THE MOMENT.  I mean, pursue the priority and maximize time, because the night cometh when no man can work.

For everything, you have to set your planning first. What to perform and how to accomplish it. And then everything will be going well after then.

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You're right. Thank you for inspiring me. A happy new month to us and have a wonderful Sunday

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