What does good headline possess

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What's up guys! I think it isn't good day for us cause the weather here seems not in condition. Clouds are still darker. Around 4:00 pm the heavy rains poured out. We are forced grab our clothes. Weather forecaster Nathaniel (Mang Tani ) give updates that there is forming a low pressure area. Well, it's not novel to us since we are outnumbered with some typhoon. The province is facing the Pacific, literally all form of typhoon is came from there.

Good headline

Anyway that's not my intention. I just want to share with that news. Moving swiftly on another topic, I will share to you about qualities of good headline. What's does good headline possess? To tell you when you have a good headline you'll probably fascinate viewers or readers. Something that they'll will read the whole story. Journalists are bloggers. They made articles that is related to what is trends. Why journalists need give best information? They need to give such significant thoughts because that's there main job.

I salute journalists

There are sacrifices they've made. There job isn't that at all. Imagine being journalists they need to penetrate some dangerous situation. I can still remember when I saw one of the journalist who came with PRRD to Marawi City. The president was checking the situation. Well, if you've seen the actual footage there sounds of guns exchanging or vice-versa; from north to south. For me they made heroic adventure. They took risk for a good purposes. They give us news and updates. Because of journalists we tend to flee from the treat wether terrorism or calamities.

Qualities of headline

Just like here in this platform, we need to have a good headline for our beloved readers. I feel happy when someone appreciate my articles. It gives me motivation to write more. A good headline is fascinating like when someone read the your headline, they tend to read it. It's natural that readers find good articles. Sometimes they need information for there studies or they need a trusted information for them to defend there research.

I think most people always read headlines. Yes, I admit sometimes I always base if the articles is interesting or not. Sometimes I read thoroughly the topic and I admit there are good articles but quite different from headline. I mean headline isn't suitable with the whole story. In my case I can't make best headline but I try to connect it with the main topic.

It should be significant

The headline should be significant like the readers should expect for an exchange of reading. They must gain benefits. Or if not informative but it possess entertainment. Gossips is one of the most fascinated content. It is salient that most people like gossips (marites memsh), chars! Enough for that hehe. It seems if you wrote article and it pertains to a notorious person expect that it will bombarded with comments.

Headline are always be our bases to determine whether the content is good or quite different. The main topic always catching up with the headline. Always remember when you choose to formulate headline it should be understandable, like everyone can relate. It shouldn't confusing. It connects with your thoughts. Avoid unnecessary things like negative sentiment or thoughts. I know sometimes we have to share some horrible things but be sure to distort those undesirable statements.

Why do you keep on writing

Simple cause I got merited with some good feedback. I always think that good feedback is just like a valuable price. It is sentimental for me. When someone appreciate my masterpiece my feelings is so good. Feedback that I've received is always my inspiration to do blogging. Yes, it is my motivation to generate interesting stuff.

My family is my motivation especially my parents. I really want to help them through blogging. Well, it's not my profession but when I came into this platform I was amazed and get attached to it. There are good people here and that makes me to stay here. I will miss this platform if ever I will liberate it for some reasons.

Thanks for reading guys 💖

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Yes, you are correct, dear. Before I publish an article, I make sure to establish and think of a catchy title that would entice readers to read it.

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1 year ago

Indeed, we need to make it fascinating cause that out base. It has a lot to do. Thank you 😹 joy.

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1 year ago