Be brave brothers and sisters

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We do have alot of learnings from the previous years and this year 2022 is our milestone cause we are nearly at the plateau of this pandemic. Although there is treat of monkey fox, we didn't have to dread from that things cause our government is always keen about that.

What ever update on that disease, health experts will do there best. To be able help them we must cooperate with their advices. We should listen the health experts. Let us be health conscious. We don't want to be any kind of problems to our health cause we have alot of that beyond. I do not tolerate those dirty things cause I know it will cause me to suffer when time comes it became worst.

The only thing that this world wide problem will be resolve is that, every people should a discipline. The immersion of discipline in young age have a lot to do especially when they grew up. Those people who doesn't have discipline might have the hardest time to cope and adjust with the pressure situations. Well, the good example about this was the time if COVID 19. It test our Patience. We don't allow to have parties and any gatherings cause our priority is our individual health.

I think those are over now. We are at the plateau of our endeavor and suffering. And now we are focusing on our education, especially the kids and the new curriculum students. They were almost left behind due to inactivity, although it wasn't been effective "The module" but it serves as an alternative for learning. And that cause us assist to our child. As we observed most of the child doesn't have the best learning instead parents are responsible for the answering of the modules, sometimes they someone answer to it and got paid.

I think we should strive to achieve alot this year cause we want to fulfill our behinds for the last years of pandemic. Well, we have alot of learnings from that case. Those anxieties we experienced amidst the pandemic gives us hope and desires to strive to this year. We need to recover from our bad experience.

To those people who really cares for your future just look your situation before and you'll be able to cope what ever struggles you encounter. We don't want our problems be bigger than our ambition. If you think you're weak amidst hardest time just remember God and call him in times of trouble and good times. We must appreciate and give thanks to what he gave on us.

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That's true. Lots of opportunities lost during the pandemic but nothing to do but move forward. We can't do anything anymore for time lost.

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1 year ago

It's not been easy with the pandemic year and it's aftermath. The cost of living after the pandemic is now more tougher and we must be strong to survive it

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1 year ago

Yes natsu you're right. If we want to be in good and safe always we should always followed on what they said, those health experts. It's for our own good.

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1 year ago