A man's true character comes out when he's drunk

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I knew most of you can relate this one cause some of you experienced of being drunk. Somehow it is our way to skip temporarily the anxiety that we have. We are drive by our primary instinct which is the Id ( pleasure ). A traditional person seems to engage such alcoholic drink, probably known as coconut wine. It's one of the famous and the most favorite wine of the Filipino people.

Let's talk about those people's true character after taking in wine or any alcoholic drinks. Hehe, this just a lark statement. I think many of us here aren't teen. Many people have engage drinking alcoholic drinks. There are people are unconscious especially when they got drunk. Sometimes they exposed their talents and true characters..., let's enumerate some of them...

  1. Mauy-mauy These are people who have alot of bad experience especially with their intimate relationship, peers, and family. They tend to hide their feelings cause they are afraid of being embarrassed or judge by someone. Typically, the Mauy-mauy part can be done either in the middle and the climax. Charsss...why I'm so expert? Is that you who done this? Of course no cause I can still control my self even if I'm drunk. This is just my experience with my colleagues. Indeed, the Mauy-mauy part can be trace to those problematic person. By the way Mauy-mauy is just a Balbal it's not standard language. It means it is created through by people.

  2. Talented Most of those people engaged in this activity are talented. Lalong sumasarap ang bonding Lalo na kapag may isa na marunong kumanta at mag-manipulate ng guitar. Sometimes, they can made or build a relationship within the circle of bonding. I mean those talented guy can fascinate girl. Sometimes these people can initiate the word "Tagay". Do you agree?

  3. Telling the truth. There are those kind of people after a subsequent drinking they tend to narrate all of their experience. Sometimes they highlighted their experience especially when they have done extra ordinary which is indeed true. They'll share their experiences and otherwise their status in life. Sometimes they became unfavorably cause they twisted their story or they became boastful.

  4. Quite but after drunk is talkative. I think I became like this maybe being drunk weakens my shyness. Literally, I became so talkative but I'm conscious with my deeds. I don't know what's on my mind but I became so hype when I got drunk. I'm still thankful cause I'm just doing that and didn't initiate any conflict.

  5. Trouble maker 😞 This type of people aren't my choice and my preference. Well, my main purpose why I drink cause I what fun not trouble. But why other people always did this kind of activity despite they already knew that it will give and contribute them nothing.

Those are just one of my observations but if you think I missed some other phenomenon you can share it in the comment section. Hehe, We are doing this cause we want satisfy ourself. Maybe, after long years of work we want to have atleast one moment in year of being drunk. This is part of our life we made fun with other people. We want to have a good time with them.

Life is short. So, I think there's nothing wrong when we choose our Id sometimes cause we want pleasure. Above are the five common things that I've observed since I've started engaging drinking but never in my life that I made myself as a initiator of trouble. I just want to have a fun together with colleagues and friends.

Final thoughts

To all my friends here, pardon me If I'm not consistent with my performance here, I have alot of miss here. It's the price who makes me demotivated, when I saw the BCH price it makes me feel that it wouldn't recover quickly and going back to it's momentum just like before. So, this morning I try to see it and I found it even worst cause the last time I checked the price it was around $112 but right now it's just $109. But still I need to give an update. So, I made this ridiculous content that for sure you'll be connected and can relate.

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The quiet and talkative after drunk always get me wondering, like the alcohol pushes their mouth and tongue to keep talking? It's really funny🤣. I know of a lot of musicians who can't perform well on stage without the influence of alcohol

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1 year ago

ako pag nalalasing, umiiyak yung tipong iniiyakan at pinapasalamatan ko lahat ng taong nasa paligid ko.kaya iwas na sa alak haha

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1 year ago

Ako I am witty lalo na pag nalasing minsan dramatic pero di ako trouble maker.Yung friend ko na girl dati super dramatic talaga yung tipong gagawa na ng scene.nakakahiyang kasama yun Lol.And alam mo ba ng hindi lahat ng nag e-english eh foreigner,yung iba lasing lang

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1 year ago

Luckily, I don't have friends who are trouble-maker. I am the talkative one. 😆 Or it depends din sa kaharap ko.

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1 year ago

I choose drinking to get a boost in confidence and enjoy parties or moments. As a shy person without alcohol I am not that interesting in parties but with it, I'm a cheerful soul to spent time with it. There is one more type of drinkers who drink and sleep no funny business with anyone just straight away to bed, haha.

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1 year ago