Pilates and vibration the perfect duo

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The practice of both techniques will allow you to carry out a comprehensive training.


The Pilates method is a physical conditioning system that allows you to tone, stylize and increase flexibility, it works by focusing on the flow of energy from the center of the body to the extremities and allows the activation of the entire organism.

The vibrating platform, according to experts, is a training mechanism whose function is to stimulate muscle contraction to bring it to the maximum of its capacity. It simulates a kind of scale that emits up and down vibrations, which go through the body and are captured by the brain, which "interprets them as a loss of balance and immediately triggers a reaction or a reflex response of muscle contraction, where the muscles are fully contracted during the time you are on the platform.


These techniques were born separately, but practicing them together brings multiple benefits to increase the well-being of people, since one complements the other.

The Pilates method is a training system that was created by the German Joseph Pilates in the 20th century so that soldiers could improve their health conditions and increase their strength during the First World War.

The vibrating platform was devised by American scientists, so that astronauts could maintain their muscle mass and bone density during their travels.


These methods have a number of advantages over traditional training techniques, among them there are three that are essential:

  • 1) They are low impact exercises, therefore there is no greater possibility of suffering an injury at the level of any muscle.

  • 2) You get the same results in less time, therefore, it is an excellent option for those who have multiple occupations.

  • 3) It allows designing entertainment routines according to the needs of each person.


Training frequency:

The ideal in any sport is to practice it daily, however, he claims that training three times a week is more than enough to obtain optimal results. This factor depends on the taste and availability of time of each person.

With this training they are obtained, less time was used, in a normal training the body works around 60% muscle contraction in an hour and on the platform you can reach up to 97% muscle contraction in 30 minutes.

Concentration levels:

Both Pilates and the vibrating platform are techniques that allow people to work their concentration levels and have body awareness, so that the individual is aware of their movements, their energy, their breathing and how their body works at the time of exercise.


Absolute awareness of the organism is important because it allows the person to rediscover herself, control her body and balance her energy to have a healthier life. Once people reach the connection with their body, it is very difficult for them to abandon the practice of these techniques, she emphasizes.

Harmful waves:

Human beings are constantly subjected to vibrations, for example, when we use the microwave, go in an elevator or simply when we travel by car.

In this regard, experts say that when we receive vibrations that exceed eight Hertz, they become harmful waves for our body. The vibrating platform allows people to drain these excesses and waste, which lodge in the blood, as it activates the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

If you don't have flexibility, these practices allow you to develop it

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