What it's like losing your only job?A student diary

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2 years ago

I'm a student, in my twenties and I used to do a teaching work for the last one year.I don't want to acknowledge that work simply as a work.That work was my economical lifeline.

I used to make around 30 USD per month from that job.

I'm also a student that's why I can't do any permanent or full time job. It become so tough for a student to continue a full time job as well as continuing his study.

Full time jobs often creates problem like missing important classes and important lectures.Besides after working whole day,you'll get only a little amount of time to study.

So if someone wants to pursue his education perfectly, there is no alternative but a part-time job.

I also choose a part-time work so that I can balance my work life and study life. And this is the story how I've lost that job and what I'm feeling right now.

That part-time teaching work was worthy at least I could support me and my family.

We're in the middle of a never ending pandemic and money is the most important thing to survive this pandemic.To survive a pandemic sometimes I feel like nobody wants a vaccine.

Especially those who have seen the harsh realities of life they might understand.Life much more complicated and painful than the pressures of a pandemic.

One day this pandemic is going to end but the difficulties of life will never end. And scientists didn't invent any vaccine for the difficulties of life.

There is no end, only those person who have closed their eyes permanently in their old age have seen the end of painful days of life.

How did I end up losing my work?

Last year ,one of my friend told me two parents in my neighborhood want to appoint an English language teacher for their daughters.

More precisely,they want to appoint a homeschool teacher.So I talked to those parents and shared my educational qualifications and my background.

They have chosen me and I've started homeschooling.My salary was 30 dollar per month.

I didn't stop homeschooling though in the midst of this pandemic.In my area there were strict lockdown.I had no choice but to continue working.

They were 12th grader student and as for the pandemic their classes and public exam got postponed many times.

But it was certain once this pandemic situation improves their postponed exam will held in time.

Besides few months ago the exam taking committee also published a revised syllabus.

But yesterday in a press conference exam committee declared that as for the pandemic they are unable to take exam of all subjects.

So they will take exam of only compulsory subject like physics, chemistry, economics.

But the disappointing news is English is not included as the mandatory subject.As my student doesn't have to give English exam so that don't need English teacher.

Consequently,I was sacked from my teaching work.I no longer have the homeschool teacher job.

I've heard lots of news about millions of people are losing their job due to this never ending pandemic.

But I never imagined I'll discover my name in that losing list. I and my family was passing my days perfectly with that extra 30 USD income.

Do you know what is the best thing of having a job?

Having a job means you are certain that after one month you'll get a salary more or less.You are quite certain that you'll get the salary but a jobless man doesn't have this certainty.

When I went to sleep last night after losing my work, I wanted the night to never end.Because when I'll wake up in the morning,I'll reminisce that I've lost my one and only work.

When I was a kid,I used to believe once I become older than my life will be solvent.But now I know life didn't change a lot whether you are kid or older.

Though the best thing about life for me is, it continues to move on. Life will not stop for a single moment,if you don't have money or if you don't have money to buy something to eat.

When I got the news yesterday that I was sacked from my work,it made me so much frustrated.I don't know how I'm going to say this to my mother.

Losing a job makes someone numb.I can't really express in words what I'm feeling right now.

But my same age friends are earning way better than me and some are getting married than I'm continuously facing downfall.

Sometimes their parents visit our house.They boast of their children's earning.They poke me about my earnings.

They show off their sons earning.Yeah, your son earns better but why do you have to boast of? Why do you have to show off?

All these things are giving me pain and resulting in sleepless night.Yesterday I've slept after 2:30 AM.I couldn't sleep at all because I was visualising my relatives boastful messages.

Being blessed, I've found my mother beside me. When you are dealing with such difficulties in your life, you are going to need someone beside you.Hence I've found my mother is beside me.

But you've got to agree with me that money is the most effective vaccine against any pandemic situation or the hardships of life.

No other vaccine is as effective as money when you dealing with such difficulties.

*Shared my own story

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2 years ago


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1 year ago

In this time of pandemic, losing job is very hard. Even me, sometimes I feel frustrated because until now I'm still unemployed. And applying for job nowadays is arduous. And for those parents of your friends,I think they are rude. They are not considerate of your situation.

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2 years ago

It's really hard for I have experience the same. But it's fine there's maybe other opportunities waiting for you ahead just don't focus too much of what is happening today. Make a positive mindset out of negative things. God bless and may God give you blessings on days coming. This flatform as it is. I must say I don't have job now but I still earn because of this flatform.

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2 years ago

Both of us are in the same page,writing the same story and waiting for the better days to come.Though I love being an optimistic person. But the harsh reality is, life is going to change if only any miracle happens. Without any heavenly miracle, there is no chance.

And talking about this platform? I've already passed 10 month and my 11th month is running. This platform, more precisely BCH came as a saviour for the students like me.

BCH is a saviour for the students in this pandemic ❤️!

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2 years ago

Yes indeed. I am no student anymore but I can also attest to that. Miracle could happen if we strongly believe it exist.

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2 years ago