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What it's like buying something with your own earned money?

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1 month ago

In our day to day life we need to buy something for our own selves and sometimes for our loved ones. But my question is when you are buying what it's like buying with your hard earned money?

This is undoubtedly a great feeling and of course a sense of great satisfaction. So my article today will focus on feelings buying something with your own money.

So from where I get the idea of writing this content?

Few days ago I brought a bag pack for my own which cost me around 2$.This is a small bag to carry my books and notepads every day.

I needed that because I already have a bigger size bag pack to carry out my things.But bigger one feels a burden to me so I was looking for a shorter one.

This 2$ bag pack is not only small but also comfortable and handy enough to carry out everyday. Besides the cloth is super good and water proof so in the rainy days I will not have to worry about my books.

Now let's get back to the topic I've brought this bag pack with my own earnings.

So I thought of sharing my feelings what is the real feeling and I'm quite sure you'll find it relatable with you.

Because you already have brought things with your own money now let's see do we have the same feelings or not.Ha ha ha, it'll be very much interesting and I'm also quite sure about that.

  • First of all it gives us a mental satisfaction that you can buy your own stuffs without asking/requesting to anyone.

If you lend money from someone and use that money to buy your stuffs than you'll thought everytime how to give back the money.

Sometimes it is also seen that we don't get the time to enjoy the things we brought. Because we are too much focused on how to give back the money.

On the other hand each time you've to request someone to give you some money and this is also a question of self respect.

Nothing will happen, no questions will come if you buy your stuffs with your own money.You are independent to choose your desired things and buy them right away.

  • Secondly it's a feeling that we are not dependent on anyone for our own personal stuffs/preferences.

As I've said in the previous point you may like a red t-shirt but if someone brought you a t-shirt it may be blue/black or yellow. As you are choosing your own t-shirt so you have the freedom to select the yellow one.Besides we all inherit some preferences from colour to size to quality.

If you are buying with your own money you can choose your own preferences and nobody will bother you on that.

  • Thirdly it makes us responsible on our own ways of life because if we spend more money we have to regret it in the future. So it's a feeling that tells us not to spend more than we need.

You know your monthly salary very well, so you know how much you can afford to spend.It's a responsibility towards our own self I must say.If you have 100 dollar in you pocket you know you can spend only 50 dollars the rest you need for future use.

What I've trying to say is if you are spending from your salary you'll spend money more responsibly. Isn't it a great life teachings man?

  • Fourthly when you're buying something with your own money we have the tendency to choose the best products for our selves.

Because we don't want to buy low quality things with our hard earned money.It makes us a great examiner and also a checker too.

You try to make sure you get the bestest product for your self because you already know the value of money.This is the thing I do most when I'm buying something.

Because I've to worked hard to get the salary, I don't want my money to waste away.So every time I buy something I triple check everything.

This is another life teaching you'll get when you are buying your products with your own money.

  • Fifthly when we are spending our own money we try everything not to waste a single penny from our wallet.

So it's not only a feeling it's a life teachings we all should acquire.It teaches us not to waste our money on stupid things.

  • Sixthly it creates a sense for saving money for the future usage because as you are well aware of not wasting your money.

You'll know how much it is important to save money instead of wasting it on unnecessary things.

So you are not wasting your money rather you are saving it because you know how to respect money.

Buying something with your own salary is not only a feeling it teaches us responsibility,self consciousness, maturity, intelligence, choosing the right bestest products to buy, sense of freedom and choosing preferences and whole lot of other things.

I've felt and most importantly I've learned all the above mentioned things in my life just from the feeling of buying something with my own earned money.

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Written by   103
1 month ago
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Actually, I don't like to depend my money spendings from my family and whenever I want to buy something because I like to buy it, I feel the feeling of being guilty because I know they didn't just grab money from the road and it was their hard earned. So what I did is that I save money and when I need to buy something that's how I will spend it.

To tell you, before I buy something I always asks myself this question;

Do I need this? What if I only like it temporarily? Is it essential and important?

Yeah I am that kind of person and I don't like spending so much and I am a thrifth person. Thanks for the article!

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1 month ago

"Do I need this? What if I only like it temporarily? Is it essential and important?"

Answering these questions and that's it you know the condition of your money bag and you know does the thing really necessary or not. Once I saw a YouTube video where an 80 year old person shared a good piece of advice.

"Don't buy anything you don't need" Exactly when you are using your own money you'll follow the words greatly and abide by all the spending rules. Earning money doesn't always makes us free buy also greatly makes us responsible.Towards us and our family too.

After reading your words I'm feeling you are a great responsible person and examine every situation very well.

All I can say spending money is not a matter of something funny the fact is whether you are spending your money over the right thing or not. Loved the way you've shared your self.❤️

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1 month ago

Thanks Musso! Yes I always want to be a responsible person and I really value every single penny that's why I don't waste so much for the extravagant things, before I bought something I always used my every single brain cells to analyzed how much I need it hahahaha

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1 month ago

Thank you for sharing your idea. Money is easy to spent but even penny is hard to earn. That is the reality. I don't want spend my money as possible, I saves it for my future or for the emergency. It's much better if we have money in the bank.

Thank you for sharing your great article.

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1 month ago

My mother used to say in my childhood you'll know the value of money only when you earn it with your hard work.Than you'll show some respect towards money and will not spend a single penny without any necessary reason. Now I'm a mature enough to understand every words of her.

Ha ha ha now I know every penny is valuable!❤️ It's good to hear from you friend!

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1 month ago

Thank you so much. Friend. Have a nice great day. And thank you for your time.

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1 month ago

It's a feeling of Happiness 💚 Spending the money that came from your hardwork earned.

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1 month ago

It's a type of mixed happiness where emotions, responsibility, trying to save something, keeping an eye you are not spending much, independence, satisfaction etc. everything is one place.

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1 month ago