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My interesting journey of learning "Filipino language" (Life experiences)

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1 month ago

Though all the countries of the world are separated by borders and distance but with the blessings of internet we feel like living in the same neighborhood.

This is really mesmerising that every country and every people now is the just one click away.

I feel great every time I learn something about other countries, other people's and other cultures from the internet.

I'm lying on my bed and the whole world is opened in front of me.Today I'll sharing an interesting story on how I have learned some Filipino words and now I can greet someone in Filipino words.

First of all let me share with you why I'm interested to learn some Filipino?

As I scroll through my news feed I saw some posts especially food related posts in Filipino languages.

As I'm not native Filipino speaker this is undoubtedly a tough task to understand the ingredients and whole cooking process.

On the other hand expressing your self is one of the greatest feeling and I know that.I also feel very happy to express myself in my own languages.

I'm a cooking freak and a great food lover who loves to taste different items.In my home,I try to create something new every time and when I'm doing this my mother helped me.

We, me and my mother together try different kinds of dishes every time in weekends.

Now imagine what it would be like tasting food of different country sitting in your bedroom?It'll be a great mouth watering experience so every time someone posted any kind of food recipe I try my level best to understand them.

As in this platform most of them are Filipino, I also feel something that I should get into this culture more and more.

So I thought I should learn the "Pinoy" language by myself so that I can learn more about there food, culture,tradition and many more events.The word "Pinoy" I've also learned this by scrolling through my feed.

I've seen people are posting "Pinoy dishes" so I go to Google translate to know what really "Pinoy" means. Than Mr Google told me "Pinoy" is the synonym of something "Filipino".

If anything comes from or related to Filipino you can say it's a "Pinoy" thing. So after that when I'm scrolling I see the word I stop and try to read what the author is trying to say.

Not only to understand the cooking recipes people also love to express greetings, wishes in their own language and own way.Because it's better than any foreign language,moreover you can express the real you in your mother tongue.

As I've got some great Filipino friends so I thought what if I try to interact with them with their own language?This will be a great work and oviously an outstanding idea.

Than I've learned from Google different expressions in Filipino like saying how are you, good morning or good evening, thank you, you are welcome etc.

Now I know how to say how are you in Filipino and yesterday I've interacted with my friend Leejhen in "Pinoy" language.


Now I'm sharing words I've already learned from this platform.

Kamusta Ka?I know the meaning of this sentence it means how are you?Though I've some confusion about the word "Kamusta".I've seen some friends were writing it "Kamasta".

"Magandang Gabi"! It means good evening in Filipino.

"Walang Anuman" it means you are welcome.

"Sana all" I've heard this sentence almost thousand times in this platform and I've always wondered what could be the meaning as everyone is using this in their sentences.

Than again I go to Google to do some research about this sentence than I come to know it means I wish you all.

Another sentence I've learned is "Po salamat po". This sentence is also used over a thousand times and I've already memorised this sentence.

Before I didn't know the meaning but now I know what is the meaning of this sentence.

This sentence means "Thank you" in Filipino way.

These are the basic sentences I've memorised in the last few days and now besides my mother tongue Bangla I can say proudly I know English and little bit Filipino too.

One thing I must share also about my learning of different cultures.Yes I'm talking about you my Slovenian beautician friend Purebeauty, learned quite a lot of things about Slovenia from you.

I'm also very much interested to learn more about this European country and surely if I get any chance I'll visit Slovenia one day.

And another thing I should add, I may have made mistakes writing the spellings of the "Pinoy words"

Please forgive my mistakes as a new learner, hopefully in the coming days I'll learn more sentence to so that I can continue talking I'm "Pinoy"

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Written by   103
1 month ago
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Ayeeeee, so you're into cooking too? That's niceeee! I LOVEEEEEEE COOKING and trying new recipes😍😍😍🤭

Btw, I'm a Filipino too. I had a good read here.

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1 month ago

This article was really great! you described the topic in a very easy way & that helps me to understand your article clearly.

keep it up, best wishes to you❤️

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1 month ago

Isang mapagpalang pagbati! Try learning Ilocano, too. It's also good. Like for example, naimbag a rabii, which means magandang gabi or good evening. 💙

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1 month ago

Ilocano, Ilonggo, Bicolano, Cebuano... Are all these belongs to one Filipino language family? When I was looking for "Tagalog" than I found the other names.

"Naimbag a rabii"!

Let me share our to say good evening. In Bengali we say "Shuvo Sondha" to denote Good evening. In Bengali "Sondha" means evening!

Happy learning friend!❤️🤜🏻🤛🏻!

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1 month ago

Filipino is a distinct language. Whereas Ilocano, cebuano, among others belong to the tagalog language family.

Naimbag a bigat! (Good Morning)

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1 month ago

Sana all. I really appreciate that you love to learns Filipino language. I'm also a Filipino. I wonder if you have ever taste the chicken adobo or anything dishes that originated in my country. I also invited you to visits my country. Its more fun in the Philippines.🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

$ 0.05
1 month ago

Honestly I'm feeling really honoured hearing those generous words from you and also for the invitation.I've seen some photos of "Chicken adobo". It's like "Chicken bhuna" in our cuisine. Though it's obvious there must be some differences.

To get the real taste you must go to the origin. If possible it'll be great eating traditional Filipino dishes sitting in the Philippines. Internet how amazingly bringing people together around the globe!

Long live the friendship!🤜🏻🤛🏻

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Thank you again friend. If possible I wanted also to learn your language and visits your country. "Chicken Bhuna" mmm I never heard about that. I think it's more delicious than "Chicken Adobo". Hehe. Ah I shared your articles in without your permission. I did that because you are awesome. Thank you again.

Long live friendship 🤝

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I'm from Bangladesh and you are whole heartedly welcomed to my motherland. It'll be very much exciting sharing some cultural practices,cuisines, sharing my language and lots of other things.

Chicken bhuna and chicken adobo I think these two items are like twin brothers. Ha ha jokes apart! No no that's okay. Again I'm feeling honoured for letting me introduce in your community. ❤️🤜🏻🤛🏻!

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1 month ago

I honor to invited in your homeland. Maybe soon. I will visit your country. To eat some delicious food and visits the beautiful tourist spot in your motherland.

Thank you again. 🤝

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1 month ago

Thank you bro for having a interest to learn our language,if you have free time or you want to go here after the pandemic you are free to visit our country.We Filipino are so excited and happy to communicate with foreigners and you can try to taste our foods here and make some experience about our traditions.You are always welcome here❤️🇵🇭

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1 month ago

Wonderful thinking. Best wiashes sir😍

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1 month ago