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Middle class families: Struggles nobody knows

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1 year ago

In between being rich and poor, there exists another class which we call middle class family. No matter what region you are in or what society you belong,you'll always find these middle class families.

But the question is what should be the best definition of a middle class family?

Though in economics you'll find several definitions of a middle class family but let's try to define it from a different perspective.

After all the monthly expenditure,at the end of the month those who have only a little amount of money left.

In terms of monetary issues, those who lead a very strict life. Because they don't have extra money so that they can save something for the rainy days.

Say you get 5000 dollar as salary and after all the spendings you have only 100 dollar left on your wallet. With this 100 dollar,you are not rich enough to buy something fancy.

On the other hand, you are not poor to seek some help from your friends.

Frankly speaking, being in a middle class family means living from hand to mouth. Because you have to calculate every penny, you are spending.

By the way, the "middle class family" definition changes in different countries and in different economical societies. But all the definitions lead to one way,you are living hand to mouth.

After monthly expenditure,you are not that much rich enough to arrange a luxury tour and on the other hand you are not poor to seek some help.

You'll always feel shy to seek some help from your friends specially if you belong to a middle class family.

And another thing I should also mention, we all are content creator here right? We all are from different countries and lead different lifestyle and we all belong to different age group.

Apart from all these things,we have a thing I'm common which is we all belong to a family right?

Being in a family, that's the most important thing we have in common.We may be rich, we may be poor and sometimes we feel shy to talk about our family.

But we shouldn't feel shy, as long as you have self satisfaction about your life.So from now on let's keep aside our social assigned class and let's be straightforward.

Let's break away all the shyness when we are talking about family income.Because at the end of the day it doesn't matter at all, in which class we belong.

I want you to talk so that your neighbour may not think he or she is the only one who is going through economical instability.

I want you to talk so that your most closest friend may not feel he is the only one who is suffering form monetary problems. That's the main purpose of writing my today's article just to remind everyone we are suffering alone.

Now let's try to generalize the problems of middle class families first:

  • If you have grown up in a middle, you would have seen you parents always tried to save some money after monthly spendings.

But as I've said, in a middle class family, at the end of the month, only a little amount of money left to save.

But your parents always tried so hard to save something and now you are parents/have a family.Now you are struggling the same way you parents did.

  • But the most sad truth about a middle class family is they will starve several days but they won't request for help.They are shy, they have high self dignity and they have fear of getting rejected.

You'll see a lot of people around you, who'll not ask for help more often. That doesn't mean they don't need any kind of help. They are very shy and for the self dignity they will starve.

  • All the middle class families have to go through the same cycle of poverty every month.

But how? Accidentally, if they need to spend 100 dollar more in a single month, they need to lend the money.Because their salary is limited to only 5000 dollar, not a single penny more.

  • Middle class families do have big dreams but there is very small chance to make those dreams come true. In my entire life,I didn't see them running after luxurious items.

Because its very difficult for them to meet the regular family demands, than it comes to luxurious items.

But the fact is after monthly expenditure, only a little amount of money left. Instead of spending those money in luxurious items they save those money for future.

  • As middle class families always go through some economical crises, so they know how to value money. You'll see those families do not overspend and have very low tendency to spend over luxurious/not necessary things.

Not all the people are rich, not all the people are poor or homeless. You'll see people always talk about the rich and poor but people don't talk enough about "middle class families".

As they constitute a large number of population worldwide, so their life story/life struggles should be talked and should be come to light. From that perspective I've introduced this "middle class families".

Now it's time to hear from you, how well do you manage your monthly expenditure and how do you deal with the monetary problems.

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Written by   120
1 year ago
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It's all about managing well the family expenditures and budgeting for the basic needs in the house.

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1 year ago

Thanks God,we do not have monetary problems.In our house,every month,come two good salaries.So,we manage our monthly expenditure very well.At the end of the month,we still have our savings left on bank account.

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1 year ago

I'm very glad to hear that you've shared your story. Middle class families means they just live from hand to mouth. On the other hand middle class family doesn't mean monetary problems all the time.

They just live hand to mouth as I've said. Well in today's world savings are much more important, if you have something to save at the end of the month, than it's good for your future undoubtedly.

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1 year ago

Yes,savings are important for oldest years.Because,pensions here are not very high.

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1 year ago

I am proud to say I am belong in a middle class family. Your definition fits well in my situation. And I agree that let us not be shy to admit because at the end it won't matter, at all.

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1 year ago

Exactly, it doesn't matter where we belong let's just forget that. We should bear in mind, we have to work extra few hours so that after monthly expenditure we could save something.

In middle class families, savings are regarded as blessings from Almighty. We all are, most of us going through the same process. Let's not be shy about that.

And it's also true that life goes on whether you are rich or poor. Let's just keep pace with our life and enjoy every bit of it.

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1 year ago

I would agree more. Indeed it is a blessing from God. And having a blessing is so much to be grateful.

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1 year ago