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The Updated KITTEN Liquidity Providers Reward Program

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6 months ago

As you may or may not know KITTEN has had a reward program for liquidity providers for 31 days. In this article we are looking back at the rewards that have been paid out and we will discuss the updated liquidity provider rewards for the next 3 weeks.

The Liquidity Provider Reward Program started on October, 16th 2021 with a banger of an offer: 10 million KITTEN were distributed among all qualifying liquidity providers. The liquidity was to be provided in the pair BCH - KITTEN on MistSwap or on MuesliSwap.

Despite the high incentives only 5 liquidity providers took advantage of the offer and shared the reward.

The next phase of the liquidity provider rewards program started on October, 23rd and ran until yesterday, November, 15th. There were several changes to the reward program. The most notable was that the minimum amount of KITTEN to qualify was reduced from 10 million to 6 million - and the rewards were paid out in the new PushingBCH (PSN) token instead of KITTEN. 6 liquidity providers took advantage of the reward program and a total of 24,504,929.06 PSN (including bonuses) was rewarded within these 24 days.

For an introduction to PushingBCH check out this article, but here is the very brief summary of what PushingBCH is:

As you can see, PushingBCH is a cutie cat. A small cat with big plans: She wants to help BCH to become a success. And as you can also see, she is literally pushing BCH forward. Ahhhh. 🥰

PushingBCH PSN Token Specifications

Ticker symbol: PSN

Contract Address: 0x84e3aE3135d79536e032EE36DAcC15e676400638

Max. Supply: 21,000,000,000

Decimals: 18

Further mints: No

Token burning: None planned. This may change in the future.

You can already swap PSN for KITTEN and vice versa on MistSwap.

A very brief summary of what PSN is all about

PushingBCH is the new meme token on SmartBCH - which was created by the creator of and by the supporter team behind KITTEN (including me). And unlike most previous SmartBCH tokens, PushingBCH is a reward token. That means that there won't be any airdrops ever, but PushingBCH can be earned as a reward for demonstrating excellent behaviour as a member of the BCH community.

And one way to earn PSN is to participate in the KITTEN liquidity providers reward program.

The Updated KITTEN Liquidity Provider Reward System

At KITTEN we love our liquidity providers. And we want to give them even more than what they get from the DEXs MistSwap and MuesliSwap. That's why we created the liquidity providers reward program.

Please note that the liquidity providers receive this reward in addition to the APY that the DEXs give them - and in addition to the swap fees that the DEXs give them as well. That results in some absolutely crazy APYs for KITTEN liquidity providers. Congratulations to everyone who has taken advantage of the program in the past 31 days.

And if you decide to take advantage of this program in the next 3 weeks, we have great news for you: Now you qualify already when you hold at least 5 million KITTEN - instead of 6 million. And even better: You don't need to hold 5 million KITTEN in addition to the KITTEN you put into the liquidity pool. It is enough to have a total of 5 million KITTEN. It has never been easier to qualify for the liquidity providers reward program. 💪

The Rules For Next 3 Weeks

For next week the following rules apply:

  • 14 million PSN will be distributed among all KITTEN liquidity providers who hold at least 5 million KITTEN for the entire 3 weeks (including the KITTEN in the liquidity pool).

  • The liquidity can be provided on MuesliSwap or on MistSwap.

  • Liquidity providers on MistSwap will receive a total of 10 million PSN. And liquidity providers on MuesliSwap will receive a total of 4 million PSN. The reason is that we want to incentivize trading on MistSwap - which will help to increase the rewards that MistSwap pays its liquidity providers.

  • You will receive a share of the 10 or 4 million PSN that corresponds to the share of the KITTEN liquidity that you provided.

  • Your share is measured daily. That's why you need to give us your address. Contact @MoreGainStrategies on Telegram if you haven't provided your address yet so that we can include you in the reward program.

On top of the above rewards, you can even earn bonus rewards!

The Bonus Offers

  • If you increase the KITTEN liquidity that you provide by at least 0.1 BCH (and the corresponding amount of KITTEN), you will receive an additional 25% bonus on what you would receive otherwise.

As this may be a bit hard to understand, let me illustrate the rules with an example.


  • Alice provided 10% of all the KITTEN liquidity for the entire 3 weeks in MistSwap. Therefore, she gets 10% of the 10 million PSN as a reward.

Alice gets 1 million PSN.

  • If Alice increases the KITTEN liquidity that she provides by at least 0.1 BCH and the corresponding amount of KITTEN (compared to the liquidity she provided the week before), Alice will get an additional 25% bonus.

Alice increased the liquidity that she provided compared to the previous week by 0.1 BCH and the corresponding amount of KITTEN. Therefore, Alice gets an additional 250k PSN.

  • After one week, Alice receives a total of 1,000k + 250k = 1.25 million PSN as a reward for providing liquidity on MuesliSwap or on MistSwap.

Note once again that this reward is given on top of the trading fees and the farming rewards.

So what are you waiting for? Provide liquidity, message @MoreGainStrategies on Telegram - or just leave your address here in the comments to get additional rewards for providing liquidity for KITTEN.

We hope that you all are as excited as we are about the new liquidity providers reward program. Stay tuned for more rewarding activities!

Links to KITTEN

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If you need some help to get started with SmartBCH, have a look at the following article.

Introduction to SmartBCH

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Written by   342
6 months ago
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I'll see what I can do next week, For now my BCH stash is empty, I need to earn some more 😅

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I do have a very similar problem. 😅

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Haha 😂 Let’s do some more writing Martin, so we can invest more 😁

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Sounds good. 😁👍

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It's my first hearing about the PSN token which would be used to push BCH upward,I think investing in such would be good, let's push kitten forward.

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PSN is pretty much brand-new, so don't worry, you are still very, very early. 😊

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Okay,I would keep myself updated about any new ideas about it

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Sounds great. 👍

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