Writing and Creativity Contest: Farming KITTEN for MILK on MuesliSwap

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Hello KITTEN lovers!

We have very exciting news for you.

The first is: Did you know that you get more than 1,000% APR (annualised percentage rate) on your investment if you provide liquidity for the pair KITTEN and Bitcoin Cash on the new MuesliSwap DEX on SmartBCH?

That means - if the APR and the KITTEN price remain constant for a year - you will receive more than 10 times your initial investment in MILK rewards for providing liquidity. And you will also receive the trading fees:

If someone swaps KITTEN for BCH or the other way around, they pay 0.2% of their trading volume in fees to you!

And the current KITTEN price is pretty low still - even though this great offer exists.

What is MILK?

MILK is the governance and reward token of the MuesliSwap DEX. You need MILK to make Muesli - and KITTENs love MILK - a match made in heaven. 🥰

Sounds great, doesn't it?

It gets even better!

We - that is me and a few fellow KITTEN supporters - are rewarding you for providing liquidity - if you own at least 10 million KITTEN. You can put as many or as few KITTEN into the liquidity pool - and you will receive your share of 10 million KITTEN each and every week on top of the MILK rewards and fees from MuesliSwap.

And it gets even better!

It's still not all! Me and the fellow KITTEN supporters are hosting a writing and creativity contest.

Writing and Creativity Contest Rules


The topic is "farming KITTEN for MILK on MuesliSwap".

Anything related to that topic can be submitted:

  • How-to-articles: Explain how to provide liquidity and farm MILK on MuesliSwap.

  • earning reports: How much money did you make farming KITTEN?

  • experience reports:How was it using MuesliSwap?

  • short stories, poems, pictures, memes, videos, tweets, podcast episodes, whatever you can think of: Feel free to get creative!

Proof of farming and SmartBCH Address

Make sure to include screenshots of your KITTEN farm on MuesliSwap in your article and mention your SmartBCH address, so that we can send you the KITTEN.

(We will check that you actually farmed KITTEN on MuesliSwap with the address you submit. So please, don't try to cheat.)

Where to submit

Submit your entries here on read.cash as an article. Please submit your article to the KITTEN community (https://read.cash/c/kitten-the-cutest-meme-token-on-smartbch-c80d)

You can include links to your videos, tweets, posts on reddit, etc in your articles. We will click every link and admire everything that you include in your article.

If you don't have an account on read.cash yet, now is the best time to create one!

In addition to the prize money, you will most likely receive tips for your article which you get to keep, of course.

The Criteria for Winning

The first: Originality. Don't copy others' work, create your own.

The second: Quality. We judge good content more highly than millions of views.

The third: Views. Of course, having lots of views is nice - if your content is original and of good quality. So make sure to share your article, video, tweet, etc with everyone you know!


Please submit your articles before October, 22nd, 10 pm UCT.

The Prizes

We will distribute at least 20 million KITTEN among the participants. Every qualifying entry will receive a prize, but the best entries will receive the highest prizes, of course. The winner will receive at least 5 million KITTEN. The second place at least 3 million and the third place at least 2 million.

Depending on the number of entries and the quality of the submissions, we may increase the prizes.

Don't forget to have fun!

KITTEN is the cutest meme token on SmartBCH - and as such it is about having fun. So don't forget that part!

We hope you will have fun with this contest and we are looking forward to your submissions!

Stay calm and love KITTEN!


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If you need some help to get started with SmartBCH, have a look at the following articles.

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Will try. Thank you!!!

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2 years ago

Noted on this! Rawr. Thanks!

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2 years ago

Lots of competitions everywhere.. this is really fun and exciting.

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2 years ago

Sounds really nice but you know I will pass because I don't do LPs

$ 0.05
2 years ago

Thank you so much, Paul! I have talked to the founder and we will donate 1 million KITTEN to the football competition. 😊

Hopefully, our efforts will have been fruitful by the time the competition ends and the KITTEN price will have appreciated quite a bit until then.

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2 years ago

Cool! Will spread it around the rounds and let you know in the next article

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2 years ago

Nice. 👍

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2 years ago

Will keep in mind and try to allocate some time in Kitten!

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2 years ago

I am very happy to hear that. 😊👍

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2 years ago

I'll try this. When is the deadline?

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2 years ago

That's great. 😊👍 The deadline is October, 22nd, 10 pm UCT.

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2 years ago