How to write good writings

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Someone asked me how you write such beautiful and attractive articles, so here are some tips. Enjoy 🥰😊

Ideas that inspire you to write

  • Often you want to write but you do not have the talent, or you have the talent but you need ideas and inspiration; The lack of inspiration makes you feel frustrated and the unwillingness to be creative and write at all, and here are some ways to help evoke your inspiration :

  • Listen to music for ten minutes, as it has a positive effect on concentration and starting work, or relaxing and thinking about something fun, depending on the type of music.

  • Handwritten, scrubbing against computer documents, and keep a pen and paper with you and write them down.

  • Relax and meditate; nothing like relaxation inspires unexpected new ideas. Listen to others and do not hesitate to seek advice and help, as sometimes a fleeting sentence from a person sparks several ideas in you.

  • Play the word game, that is, open a dictionary, choose words and join them together, or open a random book and read the page. Sometimes the hints have a powerful effect. Think of different things that are far from your writing.

  • Thinking about the same problem leads you to a dead end. Take a look at green or blue areas as they have an impact on creativity.

  • The blue color suggests openness and the green color signals growth.

  • Take ten minutes to write down everything that comes to your mind without thinking, then re-read what you have written and found useful ideas from them.

  • Change where you sit and the scene you look at, as it has the effect of enhancing the imagination.

  • Maintain a positive mood because promotes creativity, as it is linked to areas of the brain responsible for complex perception, emotions, and decision-making.

  • For half an hour, try making something with your own hands like knitting cooking, or farming, which refreshes your thought processes.

  • Breathe in the fresh air and go for a walk nearby, because the air relaxes and inspires the mind. Play a sport that strengthens your will and sense of goals.

  • Try new things and think of different ways to do them. Enjoy a sound sleep, and if you find it difficult to write, go to your bed immediately as it flows your thoughts smoothly.

  • Try to do your best and do not wait for perfection or perfection, as practice improves your performance and extracts the best from you.

  • Create a box or notebook for yourself and collect all of your thoughts, feelings, and impressions in it, and use it when your inspiration wears off and you need new ideas.

  • Use your habits and rituals that awaken your creativity like sipping an outdoor cup of coffee.

  • If you have tried all the methods, and if they do not succeed, start writing immediately and do not wait for the miracle that will not happen.

Learn writing strategies

Successful writing is what attracts readers and the audience in a clear way, and to reach this stage of writing, you must first know writing strategies :

  • Write a catchy introductory sentence. Readers aren't always interested in your topics, and you should write something that will entice them and keep them reading.

  • Pay close attention to the opening paragraph, as it defines the path of the readers and gives them an idea about the article and what they will find. It should be creative and direct.

  • Be sincere in communicating the idea and feeling to the reader and transfer your passion and goal to them. Pay attention to your audience's details and know why they read your article, so that you can attract them to what you direct, i.e. communicate with them directly in writing.

  • Create an outline of your article and start with a short opening paragraph, followed by the headings, and a brief paragraph for each.

  • Enjoy while writing so that it produces interesting content from you, as writing without interest will appear in the article and the speech will be superficial and incomplete.

  • Ask for a reader's opinion and create a serious connection with them. Write down the current top stories that are being talked about in the news, and if you want to write an old topic, present it in a modern and appropriate way.

  • Be clear, as this trait defines a good writer, and present the content as simple as possible.

  • Use pictures, as visual perception is one of the most powerful tools that grab people's attention and don't make them bored. Provide an answer to the reader about the benefit he will gain from reading the article.

  • Keep the first sentence short and noticeable so that readers move on to the next sentence, and so on.

  • Consider the time that the reader will spend on the article, as most people prefer short stories.

Tips to help you focus on writing

You often feel distracted while writing, so we offer you the following steps to keep your focus :

  • Organize your workplace from clutter and wipe down the desk and laptop before you start.

  • Use smart apps that keep you from being distracted and remind you to stay where you are.

  • Listen to classical music or white noise to block out your other thoughts. Stay away from the mobile phone or switch it off until you finish what you started and no one interrupts you.

  • After a certain number of words, assign you a ten-minute break and do something you like.

  • Walk a short distance each time you feel bored, which leads to blood flow to your brain and makes you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

  • Read more books and raise your level of education.

  • Dive into the topic and engage with it with all your feelings to interact with it and get it done faster.

  • Don't mix tasks on one action.

  • Change your routine and write at different times, the best of which is early in the morning.

  • Make a weekly schedule of all the tasks you have to accomplish and keep track of your commitment.

  • Stick to the exact time you set for completing the article.

  • Enlist a friend or relative to motivate you and remind you of the importance of what you are doing.

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Here are 11 ways you can start sounding brilliant: Have something to say. This makes writing easier and faster. ... Be specific. Consider two sentences: ... Choose simple words. ... Write short sentences. ... Use the active voice. ... Keep paragraphs short. ... Eliminate fluff words. ... Don't ramble.

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There is so many things to learn. Great job.Carry on.

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Thanks for sharing this will help alot

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You have said all the techniques in writing... Sometimes if i can't think pf anything to write, i also do other things like reading books, listening to musics, and other stuff at home.. Ideas will eventually enter my mind

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Wow wonderful post about well writing.. We should always follow these rules for well writing

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Thank you for knowing us how to write very well.Here are lot of Skills that will help us to write something good.

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Thanks for this you know I am thinking about what to write but this gives me the steps and ideas ♥️

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Merci pour cette appréciations, une bonne chose à retenir si on veux réussir.

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