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I could not think of a title so I just decided to name it Banana. I got the idea from yesterday article plantain. I don't know the funny things that are going on in my head making me to think of such weird names. It's kind of scary and hilarious at the same time. My brain is such a weird creation.

Speaking of weird my last article kind of surprised me. Barely three hours after publishing it, it had already been visited. Maybe it was because of the one day break I took. Turns out it was all that I needed to jumpstart my account back to life. I earned more than I usually do this time and I hope to get more to. The article didn't have any main topic or lesson, it was just me doing a review of my previous articles.

Just like yesterday article, today's article doesn't have any particular direction. I am just going to be writing about notable things or things that caught my attention in the last 48 hours.

The first one is the elimination of Barcelona from the Europa league. I didn't write about because I would just be shooting myself when I receive all the trolls and banters in the comment section. There are a lot of things to talk about from that game but I will only take about two things. One, how did so many German fans get into the stadium. I read that there were over 20,000 of them. This definitely didn't feel like home for the Barcelona players and it felt like a final.

Secondly that lineup was a total mess. There were a number of players that weren't supposed to start that game. They opened up our defense and cost is some goals. The coach needs to do a total and complete change in that defense.

Also in the world of entertainment ASAP Rocky apparently cheated on Rihanna. I guess no one is above breakfast. Breakup is a national cake and everyone must chop from it as they say. You know the interesting thing about all of this? ASAP had always wanted to be in a relationship with Rihanna and when she finally gave him the greenlight he impregnated her and then cheated on her.

All of this makes you wonder what's going on in the mind of this man. Why go through all this stress, free yourself from the friendzone and then cheat on her. It doesn't make sense. Well it is still a rumor and nothing is confirmed yet but all of this makes you wonder why male celebrities cheat on their pregnant partners. I guess we will never know. I saw something funny on social media though. Someone said "how could Rihanna look for a long term relationship with someone whose name is ASAP".

Still in the world of football I am sure most of you would have seen the WWE match between Manchester City and Atletico Madrid. It was a beauty to behold especially for those of us that like violence. Few minutes to the end of the match a fight broke out between both teams that even involved their bench. An Atletico player got a red and a few other players from both sides got a yellow card.

The funny thing was that the referee didn't even try and separate them. He was just watching from the sidelines like a spectator and after they were done he dealt with them. Sounds a lot like a Nigerian father. That wasn't all. Once the game they continued the fight in the tunnel and this one was bigger. The police had to get involved before the situation escalated. There was a lot of shouting, shoving and even grabbing of hair. Even the premier European club competition isn't void of match violence.

Lastly, Elon musk has offered to buy Twitter and he isn't joking at all. Twitter hasn't responded yet but I heard on the news that they are against sole ownership of the company. I guess we would just have to wait and see. I support Musk bid.

Twitter has a lot of problems and I think he can solve it. The app has a lot of bots and these boys have scammed a lot of people. Also the censorship on Twitter is too much. It used to be a place for free speech but it is slowly turning into a weapon for the Left. No wonder leftist are against the idea of him taking over because they know that they won't have their way again. They won't get to censor or delete the tweets of people that they don't like.

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I was so happy that Barcelona lost and at the same time I was shocked by the number of Frankfurt fans that were allowed into that stadium. It was as if, Barcelona were away to Frankfurt. The presence of those Frankfurt fans had a degrading effect on the players cause it wasn't what they were expecting. It was so bad to the extent that the Barcelona fans were even booed in their own backyard. Nevertheless, the GOAT scored a Hattrick today.

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1 year ago

Lol 😂 Rihanna's news got me cracked up, one thing about most celebrities is that they have an issue or another. Makes me sometimes wonder if it's a crime to be a celebrity. Those people were right though, ASAP doesn't last forever especially since it means "as soon as possible"

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1 year ago

😂😂 you gerrit

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1 year ago