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My realizations after watching Mr. De Mesel's Interview

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1 month ago

Recently, I happened to pass by an article which is in the hot list, it is an article written by @cryptotexty about his interview with Mr. Marc De Mesel. It is at least an hour and half interview which is streamed on different platforms. During the interview they talked about investments, trends and how Mr. De Mesel discovered both and They even talk about the personal life of Sir Marc. The full version of the highlights of the interview can be seen in this article.

Interview with Marc De Mesel about Crypto Investment, Trends and BCH projects ReadCash and NoiseCash

In my article today, I will be sharing excerpts from the interview and realizations I have after I watched it. However, I will focus about the and

Before watching the interview of @cryptotexty the only thing I know about Sir @MarcDeMesel is that is he one of the rewarders in and give funds in for the BCH that we received. After watching the interview I understand the story behind the tipping and the rewards. His support to both platforms is part of the promotion of the adoption of Bitcoin cashAccording Mr. De Mesel, the people will adopt something when they have it.

He mentioned that some platforms marketing strategy for people to have a try on a coin is to put up some giveaways, he said he was even a supporter of that kind of strategy but it failed. He even gave an example about people trying out perfumes in a physical store but not actually buying one, they are just after the giveaway. So when he discovered which is already up for a half year, he appreciated the platform because people are rewarded with what they worked for and they will give value unto it and then he start giving tips to interesting topics. This is actually part of his investment strategy.

He was at first hesitant about the RandomRewarder when it was first introduced to him, but when he understand how it works, he supported the idea. He also mentioned about the tipping mechanism and the recent change in the platform. He was able to point out that tips can be mistakenly given to spammers but at least the amount is not that big. He also pointed out that after the change, more tips are given to accounts with meaningful contents.

My Realizations

It is indeed true that in and we give value to what we earned because we worked for it and the tipping and rewarding scheme is great strategy for the people to have the bitcoin cash. Through this platforms we are able to try and give value to BCH. It is just sad sometimes that there are articles not rewarded by the random rewarder. But it's the algorithm that works on it, not the manual checking. On the other hand,  I like the changes mentioned in, the spammers are reduced and more tips are given to accounts with valuable contents. Although there are some accounts that are mislabeled by the algorithm, at least it lessens the spam and it serves as a warning that people should not abuse the platform but make the platform a place of sharing good contents. After the change announcement, I can see more meaningful comments and posts in

So I am really hoping that the people will realize that for the platforms to prosper, it will not exploited but it will be valued and appreciated.  

Well thanks to Sir Marc and other people who shared their investments in both and because ordinary people like me, enjoy earning BCH. And with this growing community, with high hopes, the adoption of this cryptocurrency will surely be established in the years to come.

Thanks for reading and I gave full credits to the original interview and if I have some things misinterpreted and statements that needs correction, please let me know. This is my first time, to write an article like this.

Special mention and thanks to my sponsors: @immaryandmerry , @Vincenzina , @CryptoMax @meitanteikudo who also write good contents here in

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Written by   61
1 month ago
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