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Have you ever visited a historic places in the Philippines or in another country? 
What are the vibes like?
Do you think it's good?
Do you like it?
Do you find asking yourself if you could travel back in time?
How are they marketing their respective sectors in terms of their economy?

The focus of this article will be on the most well-known industries in Vigan City, as well as on how are they promoting these industries.

But first of all, let me present  a brief information about the Vigan City.

The City of Vigan
On the 8th of December, 2014, Vigan City was dubbed as one of the New Seven Wonder Cities of the World, and it was officially recognized as such on the same day. Vigan City is located in the province of Ilocos Sur in the nation of the Philippines, in Region I, Luzon.
15 years after Vigan was included on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites and Monuments in December 1999, the city has been designated as a New Wonder of the World by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.
Since that day, and up until now, the number of tourists has continued to climb to record levels. Aside from that, the industries are growing increasingly well-known worldwide. And many thanks to the passage and will of time.

For today, I'll name five well-known industry in Vigan City and evaluate how effectively they deliver overall quality products and services to their clients.

1. The Ilocano-Abel Industry
One of Vigan City's oldest industries may be found here (in Vigan). The habit of making garments, handbags, and other accessories from cotton fabrics and other materials such as bamboo, saluyot, and even seaweeds stretches back to before the Spanish conquest. The current handicraft technique to weaving abels is still the most popular method of producing abels. It is via operations like as sourcing, inventory management, design, and quality assurance that Ilocano-Abel Industry is able to provide complete high-quality goods. Abel materials must be purchased or completed in conjunction with a quality check in order to deliver a comprehensively high-quality result. It is necessary to prepare the cotton balls and remove the seeds after the ingredients have been gathered and stored. The weaving process begins when the weaver creates the Abels and attaches the spool yarn to the wrapping wheel to begin the weaving process. When the goods are done, the weavers double-check them to verify that they are accurately weaved before selling them to tourist shops. The firm requires a limited number of employees, despite its widespread appeal, and so we cannot overlook the economic effects of the epidemic owing to this fact.

2. The Burnay Industry
Burnay is an example of a Vigan business whose iconic products are hand-crafted clay pots, and it is located in the province of Vigan. The burnay is made of clay that has been crushed and blended with sand by carabaos, which is why it is so durable and long-lasting. Starting with a piece of clay on a potter's wheel, the jar was assembled piece by piece, starting with the lower and top portions, ears and chords with grooves, and then attaching the pieces together to form a final product. A day later, they were placed in an oven that was 50 meters long and more than four feet tall, where they dried for the rest of the day. Its roof is composed of brickwork and adorned with dragon scales on the sides. When the jars are heated to 1200°C, the sand and clay get vitrified, resulting in a metal surface that looks like glass. After three days in the kiln, it takes another 20-22 hours for the jars to harden enough to be suitable for use. This ancient storage container for water, rice grains, basi, and spices like salt and bagoong was used for a variety of purposes for hundreds of years.

3. The Tourism Industry
Given that Vigan City has been dubbed as "one of the seven wonder cities of the world," the tourism business in the city attracts visitors in its own right. In Vigan City, there is outstanding service from various industries before and after the fulfillment of this goal, and this service is still being provided now. The ongoing preservation of Vigan's historic physical features, the food industry's provision of clean and excellent services to customers, the souvenir industry's production of souvenirs to commemorate tourists' visits to the city, and the product industry's production of products that represent the origin and history of local businesses are all examples of sustainable development. To summarize, all of the components that make up the Vigan City tourist business produce high-quality goods and services that benefit not just the city's tourism statistics, but also the general public.

4. The Food Industry
By relishing the distinct flavors of the local food items, the food business of Vigan City makes a significant impression and leaves a long-lasting imprint on everyone. Vigan City is particularly proud of its indigenous dishes, which include empanada, longganisa, and bagnet. The Vigan Empanada is composed comprised of nutritious elements such as dough, veggies, egg, and longganisa (longganisa is a root vegetable). This empanada has a distinct flavor that can only be found in Vigan City and nowhere else in the Philippines. Vigan Longganisa is created with pig casing, ground meat, condiments, and additional spices, and it has a powerful scent due to the use of spices. The Vigan Longganisa Festival, which is held every year to honour the product, is also worth attending. Overall, it is believed that the food sector in Vigan produces items of superior quality and products that are irreplaceably distinctive.

5. The Souvenir Industry
The souvenir business in Vigan City is an extra source of income for the city's residents. The fact that the souvenir sector accounts for the majority of Vigan City's industries is what makes it so successful. Products and things of excellent quality are on offer as mementos, some of which are necessary while others are only for decorative purposes. However, the major souvenir sector can be located on Calle Crisologo, which is one of Vigan City's tourism attractions. Souvenirs may be purchased from a variety of vendors around the city. There were goods manufactured from abel, pots and jars from the burnay business, outfits that represented the apparel industry of Vigan City, and many more high-quality products from each industry in Vigan City that could be found in the souvenir area, including things made from bamboo.

As a conclusion, given that time passed by and it's will makes Vigan City continously excel is thanks to everyone, especially the Ilocanos (Flipinos) who make embody it. Apart from that, there are several industries that aren't mentioned that are growing and developing today. Maintaining our cultures, from which our products and services originate, and continuing to expand and promote our industry will allow us to keep it alive until the next generation and continue to move forward together.

Are you able to identify the industries that are driving your success from inside your municipality or province?
Have you done any kind of study on the industries in your area, in any way?
Have you made any contributions to the survival of your respective industries?

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And if you haven't been to Vigan City yet, please take the time to visit and explore the city!

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