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Warning Signs

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6 months ago

On my 2nd article, I've shared about the experiences that I've went through during the death of my Mom. If you haven't check it yet, here's the link.
For this article, I'll be sharing some premonitions I've and my family(including my mom) encountered before her death.

Have you ever experienced having premonitions of death by one of your loved ones?
Do you think it's real or just a coincidence?
They say, It can happen while you're dreaming or while you are conscious.

Date: November 2008


Do you know the superstition that if your birthday is near you are prone to accidents or  misfortune? I did not know about it too, my eldest brother just told me about it. That's what he heard from the elders.

1 or 2 weeks before my Mom's Death, my eldest brother and I had some talk. He's a bit anxious telling me these:

"Our Mom's birthday is approaching and she's still currently at the hospital. They say, that you are prone with accident or death when your birthday is near."

It's probably a coincidence, but my mom died the same day of her birthday.


My sister and I love to talk about what we've dreamed last night. It's like a routine, telling each other about the bad or weird dreams that we had. Few days before my Mom's death, my sister told me her dreams.

There's a line of People, and she saw that we are in that line. She doesn't know why we are lining up though. We are so far from the front line but she saw my mom was almost at the front.

After my Mom's death, I remember about my sister's dream. It made me think that's probably about OUR TIME to leave, and my Mom was near at the front line because she's about to die.


Is it true that a mother can feel if something bad happened to her child?

After my relatives told my grandma that my mom died. I finally got the chance to talk to her and comfort her. She told me that all through out her trip going to our place, she's been really anxious. She feels like something happened.

My Mom died at around 2AM, while My grandma was still in the trip(via ship) going to our place in Manila.

When she arrived at home, we were not there. She told us when she was arranging my mom's clothes, it smells like dead that it made her cry and feel uneasy again.

Fetch by Death

I don't know if everyone was given a sign before their death. I just happened to know my mom's sign because she told me about it few days before her death. I was in the hospital that time visiting my Mom. We had a talk about what I and my siblings doing while she's in the hospital. Suddenly, she told me that she had a weird dream.

She's lying on bed and she's sorrounded by some relatives that're already dead few years ago. One was my great grandma.

She even laughed about it. She said, she probably being fetched by them. I didn't overthink that time when she talked about those weird dreams. When she died, I remember those things she said. There's also a saying that if you are sick and one of the dead person visited you in your dreams, there's a great probability of dying and they are really fetching you.


Have you been in a situation that after seeing an event/incident you suddenly had a flash-forward of being in the same scenario? It might be just an imagination but it happened to me days before my mom's death. Same day when she told me about her weird dreams. One of the patients died in the room across my mom's room (every room have max. of 6 patients). I saw and heard the crying of the family of the deceased. For some seconds, I saw myself in the same situation. I even felt the agony of losing someone special. It snapped off when my mom hold my face and told me that I should not look at them.

Before receiving a call from my Dad regarding the news of my Mom's death, I am sleeping and dreaming. In my dream, My Dad is carrying my mom, he looks so sad. He is just walking while carrying my mom. Then, I was awaken by a call and was told that my mom died.

A/N: I am not sure if all of those dreams are just a product of our imaginations or really the truth/signs. Because dreams are made out of our desires or even fears. It's probably our fears that made us those dreams. Either way, with or without those signs things that are bound to happen, will really occur regardless of circumstances.

Thank you for reading!

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Written by   24
6 months ago
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Maybe the dream make you fill more aware and ready to what is to come. Thanks for this wonderful article.

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6 months ago

Probably that is the case, but I think no matter what it is you'll still not be ready with this kind of situation.

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6 months ago