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Coping Up With Losing A Job

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5 months ago

Ever since the pandemic started these news were not new to us:

Full capacity in majority of the hospital due to increasing number of Covid cases. Rapid growth in death counts whether the cause is Covid or other health issues. Hearing that a family of our closed friend died. Some businesses or small company started to close down permanently. Some Company started to redundated some of their employee to reduce the company's expenses.

Unfortunately, I was one of the casualty. I lost my job last June 2021.

I Was Redundated

One fine day, before the start of my shift I got a call from my Supervisor. She told me that our Manager will be setting a zoom meeting. She didn't mention the details but somehow I already has a hint on what to expect on the said meeting.

The time has come, Our Manager announced that all employees working for 4 years and below will be redundated. I am working for 4years and 2 months that's why I am included. I don't know what to react or what to feel. It won't sink in yet that I don't have a job now. Wanna know what was the first thing I did after I was told that I lost my job? I watched a korean drama. Haha Seriously, since I have not totally absorb everything that happened I let myself enjoy the rest of the day.

The next few days were the hardest. I was in the in denial stage. Thinking that probably it's all just a dream. Telling myself that I was an outstanding employee, they wouldn't dare to remove me from the office, but they did.

I was so tired everyday even without doing anything. I am sleeping, watching and eating all day. I am enjoying the days but at the same time i am worrying about my future. I am worried but I am not doing any plans at all. Then one day, I told myself that I don't want this kind of setup any longer. I needed to start doing something progressive.

The 2 Steps I did to cope up with losing my job

Before I started on making a change, The first that i did was to search in google what to do after losing a job. I wasn't expecting that there are really steps or things that need to be done in order to move on or accept the fact that you are no longer needed. Haha I read everything, and while reading I somehow felt relieved and comforted. I also had an understanding on what to do next, that's why I did make my own steps.

Step 1: Feel Bad, Pity yourself, then realize your worth.

It may sound brutal but this step was necessary for me. I needed to let out my emotions, what I really feel and so on. I pity myself for being not needed despite the fact that I was an outstanding employee. I feel bad for the days that I rendered overtime even without pay. I pity myself for the times that I am too hard on myself for some minimal mistakes that I did. I feel bad about myself for trying everything I could, but then all my effort was not appreciated. Thinking about those things made me realize that I am worthy, so I deserve better. I am glad that finally I realized that.

Step 2: After realizing your value, make yourself feel good. Pursue your Passion!

After realizing my worth. I made myself feel good by doing what I most love to do. Yes, it's arts and crafts. I started pursuing my passion in arts and crafts, coz at last I had plenty of time to do it. I am enjoying my days so much, that I am no longer affected about the fact that I was redundated from work. In short, I'd moved on.

I just want to tell you, that whatever it is that you want to do that will make you happy, do it. You already been through alot so it's the time to reward yourself. Discover your skills and talent, be Spontaneous and Explore! Try something different and when you are done, go back to track again and start planning your next steps. Whether it's applying for a new corporate job again or starting up your own business. Whatever it maybe I know you will succeed.


You are worthy and needed, if the situation says otherwise then you are in the wrong place. Go find your proper place.

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Written by   24
5 months ago
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Losing is so easy as gaining is so bizarre and tough, well got to keep going anyways. have a great day.

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5 months ago

That's totally true. You can lose everything in an instant while getting back at your feet takes alot of time and courage. Have a great day to you too.

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5 months ago

That's right sis, just keep on going. Everything will be alright at the right time.

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5 months ago

Thank you sissy! I haven't thanked you pa pala for renewing your sponsorship. Thank you, kahit naging inactive ako. Have a great night.

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5 months ago