Walking, what does it help, is there a number of km we have to walk

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Walking is what doctors and specialists who have studied tell us is health and the best and most effective way for immunity to many cardiovascular diseases or even diabetes and even others,a minimum of km of walking for your health would be according to specialists, doctors 5000 steps per day about 4km

Walking goals, how to get started,where to start

On the way to workon the way home,or choose a route of at least 2 km and take a rotunde trip

Then progressively when you reach the first level, go up the pace to 7500 steps ,which are about 6km and so on then continue with 10,000 steps 10km

Practicing walking at least 2 and a half hours a day you will notice over time that your health is better.

A lot of studies show how people who manage to walk 10,000 steps a day 8 km as their health has increased and increases with how many steps we manage to do more

Some studies say that 15,000 steps a day (12km) have an immediate impact on health,but what limit would be needed,doctors recommend 10,000 steps each day to become a routine,

Thus we will have a positive impact on health, greatly reducing any risk of chronic disease, diabetes and even help with weight regulation.

Many people who work in the office or do not do a lot of physical exercise do not easily complete the 5000 stepshowever, with a minimum of 30 minutes a day, slowly but surely, they will also be able to complete those 5000 starting steps, which can be done on a walk through your favorite park, in the morning or in the evening.

How to walk as accurately as possible so that we are able to walk, and what speed is recommended while walking, and how we know how fast we go

A correct walk to help and the spine would be to go as straight as possible with the chin raised somehow paratel with the ground thus holding his head. raised and the column will be straighter

Adopt a more proud position while walkinxg, tense your abdomen slightly ,and breathe as deeply and regularly as possible to help the spine straighten and walk straight

Walking helps us to recover from a state of depression,the hip and knee joint will be better ,when we want to measure ourselves. somewhat the speed at which we go

You can take a measured distance of 5, 10, 50 meters and going at the usual pace to count. every step taken

So if we do less than 50 steps per minute, this will not be of much use to us if we have no problem,it is rather recommended for people who have people who are recovering from a heart attack

Between 71 and 90 steps per minute,3,4km hourlyThis speed is good for people with heart problems

At a speed of 91, 110 steps it is good for any healthy person

And a little faster for who can between 111, and 131 steps this is a fantastically good exercise for your body

How can we count the steps, with what devices

Lately, many bracelet watches have appeared, which is exactly what every step we take counts,There are a lot of applications that can do the same

1 km alone is 1300 steps, so if we reach a 10,000 steps a day then we will have about 8 km .

For enjoy good health if you work long hours in the office,then 5,000 steps would be a great recommendation,if you try directly with 10,000 steps then the body will be too stressed you will feel quite tired after this effort

But doctors still tell us that not all people can reach 10,000 a day, such as the elderly or other people with health problems, but there are also healthy young people who can reach more than 10,000 every day.

In the end, any exercise we do gives us better health

walking gives us the chance not only to do sports but also to observe the nature around us and all its beauty

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Mersul pe jos face piciorul frumos . Asta este vorba noastra a romanilor. Stau intr-o zona de munte si am cateva dealuri in apropiere , daca il urc de doua ori pe zi nu mai trebuie sa fac nimic! Ma bucur sa te cunosc Mihai!

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Da este bine atunci dacă poți face mișcare 😁

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I termed walking as the easiest form of exercise one can participate in.

It helps not only our physical body but also our mental health

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