The torment of waiting for someone

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An anguish feeling we felt when we are waiting for the skepticism of something,

It's ironic to forbearingly hang fire on something we are dithering if it will arrive or not,

It's a matter of adequacy or anticipation, and only yourself is the one who can decide what's for to settle, either you patiently hanging to the unsure, or just dash ahead and go on start a new beginning with acceptance of the decision that you are finally going to kill the hopes to the uncertainties that you risk waiting for.

Well waiting is such a strenuous stuff to do,

It's difficult to take the risks of waiting beacuse we doesn't have an assurance or we don't know what would be the result of it,

Only the bravest one can wait but it's ironic to say they are brave enought but afraid to the idea of what ifs,

What if your most awaited doesn't come,

What if you're not the one they choose to,

What if you're just nothing but a piece of untangled chain keeping yourself on the hooked even though you're not part of it anymore, even the piece of you that wanting to be part again to someone is just a wish that will never come true,

Those what if's that making you doubtful, making your mind full of chaotic notions,

And you are torn between letting go or holding on,

This world we are living in is full of uncertainties,

The art of waiting is the other way around of the art of letting go...

Some people thought that they have a lot of things they already let go but there's always one thing they are so scared of freeing, and that thing could be the reason of their strength and also their weakness,

If I asked you if it's okay to let go, then I'll be probably says that if it's for the better then let go, and letting go sometimes means freedom,

Let go of the hopes, end the long waits, kill those aspiration of waiting to the unsure,

Sometimes waiting is the unlabeled torment, making you stuck in the past, stuck in that thing or could be stuck on that specific person,

For some reason base on my experience, waiting if like putting yourself inside a box and just wait for that someone to open it up for you to come out,

I know that waiting will never be boring if you're willing yet it can be tiring and somehow frustrating,

Often time, we need to ask ourselves, why we need to wait for them, why they doesn't choose us, why they leave, why they aren't here, it feels like we are just waiting for the memories that we are longing and not really the people behind it,

Mind forgets yet heart will never, and maybe if the time comes that our mind already kill the hopes, the heart will surely go and find it's way to kept the aspiration alive,

Solely at the end of the day it's on us to decide if we want to wait and keep holding onto uncertainties or just choose to begin our life without the expectation that your long waits will just end and your serendipity will be met by your eyes again.

"I'll wait for my serendipity to come home with me"


That's it for now, I felt so cold gosh, this rainy season are getting me more lazy and grumpy, It's ironic that I love cuddle weather but I loath it for some reason since I hate wet surroundings and slippery roads, I have supposed to go out to go to some errands this afternoon yet I canceled it since it's raining cats and dogs.

I'm more like reading some of the books I downloaded hahaha gosh I really love reading when it comes to non academic stuffs, in conclusion I hate school, I hate acadmeic stress hahaha, I love those who will surely help me in my life because to be honest in my opinion some stuffs teach in schools is really unnecessary.

Well, maybe that's just it for now, I'm still on my bed hhaha I supposed to do my review papers since I mentioned that we will have our finals tomorrow hahaha but yeah stock knowledge is the key hahha I'm sure I can do it without me minding to read the lectures I asked from my classmate hahaha.

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Well have a blast tonight everyone, happy Monday again, have your dinner, enjoy the rest of the night, sleepwell and take care and always stay hydrated. Enjoy my dearest skies, goodnight.

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1 year ago


waiting surely is good for those people with incredible patience...

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1 year ago

Yeah but for others who doesn't have, it's a torture.

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1 year ago