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My old reversible unsent piece of feeling

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2 months ago

Dear You,

Please stop this unbearable feeling, that I can't explain...

For you I want to be main squeezed

This solicitous feeling of your essence affects my whole existence.

"I can't bare to be with you, I get frustrated to the point of seeing you,"

I know I lied to myself when I say

I like you, I just hate myself from admitting it

It seems like a hook, line, and sinker as it looks like

You doesn't float my boat, yet here you are making me confused at the same time,

You're wrong

You think, I've been smitten with those alluring eyes of yours?

But we can't help who to fell for

I think I'm not the person that's right for you,

I hate you for existing

I supposed to, but I'm to captive by your presence,

I hate you, I loathed you, I want you out of my head and out of my life

You just crashed into my life and that's when I get madly feel stuffs that aren't commonly felt

You ruined the walls I built for years,

Stop this nonsense, I'm tired of hiding this feeling of mine,

Falling for you is an impossible and the least I will do,

Stop saying that,

My life is complete

I tell you this...

-yours truly, G.

Now, this poem I made, as you read it, it feels like that I really loathed this someone but in other perspective this is a reversible poem, in case you haven't have any idea about this type of poem, reversible poem is a passage where we can read from bottom to top or vice versa but when reading different angle you can get different perspective and meaning that the passage wanted to send to it's readers...

So this poem I've written this one when I was in my junior high-school days hahah it's really for the person I first admire when I step on that new chapter of my life, in my junior highschool years haha it seems like if you read it from top to bottom it percieve a message that I hate the person but again it's a reverse poem so I did write it this way but if that person read it from bottom to top, that's when I admit a message of confession that I'm not sure of or maybe I've got confused on my feeling and yeah I'm not the one who can directly says this kind of stuff...

I tend to used poems or use metaphorical methods of writing to express my full attention and emotions onto something, I hate to admit that I once a fan if written poem, I'm a poet myself, my dairies and scratches at the back of my notes is full of unspoken notion of mine, a poetry, deep and often based on my mood and based on the scenarios I am in, seem like today I don't usually make on since I'm too fond on other stuffs to do, but I often find myself in the middly of the night where the world half asleep, I just want to express something, so I did get my diaries and start to be on my own world where words are mkre powerful and give me a solace,

So yeah that's it maybe I should write this often again some poem. Hahaha it's just so fun resding this poem that I've written for my high-school crush hahaha I'm too hooked up to him and being shy around him yet here I am laughing at this hilarious poem, it's a corny yet it amazed myself today that how can I confessed and write something like this back then hahaa because my todays self is not the same anymore, I'm not fond of letters and emotional attachments hahaha but yeha still the metaphorical method supremacy still lives within me.

So that's it, how are you today guys, I'm glad that this day is not that boring, I love the weather, not cold nor hot, just exactly balanced, this is one of my first Monday that I started to spend with my solace, I found myself sitting here calmy sipping up my black broad coffee I made for my breakfast... I'm in a good mood today so I hope there's no such thing that will ruin this mood I have,

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Hope you all have a good morning, happy Monday to all, stay safe and keep yourself always hydrated. Enjoy the rest of the day guys...

Ow thank you for all my dearest sponsors, readers, subscribers, and visitors, I'm always grateful to all of you, God bless us all... 😊

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Written by   112
2 months ago
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Galing naman, ako ndi maruning gumawa ng tula, ganyan pa na reverse🤣

$ 0.01
2 months ago

Hahaha masaya po mag laro laro ng mga words, pwede namn pong aralin hehez

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Whoa! You made a good reversible poem. I thought it was negative, yet you surprised me that it is reversible one.

$ 0.01
2 months ago

Oh thanks buddy😊

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Galing... Ikaw ba ngayon ay inlove?/hehe.. Prang ganyan feeling ko nung junior

$ 0.01
2 months ago

I'm not in love po hahaha that's a written poem of mine pa po when I was in my junior school years hahaha nakakatuwa lang balikan haha.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

I read from the bottom and somehow I understood how it works. I didn't know there are stuff like this or maybe I was absent when our literature teacher discussed this.

$ 0.01
2 months ago

Hehez my English teacher taught me this one when I'm the one who will represent our class in a competition of making poems hehez she taught me this one.

$ 0.00
2 months ago