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It just curled and wounded

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5 months ago
Topics: Life, Reality, Love, Pain, Agony, ...

From a distance, one's soul is pining and longing,

Patiently bide one's time to be seen,

Hoping for the retaliation of one's affection,

The reciprocation that's been anticipated relentlessly

An endless diurnal affliction, that pours and drowns one's soul,

Once heart wrenching in pain,

By the irony of intoxicating smile of yours is a fellow of a breaking point, cause I know the reason of those alluring eyes, those mesmerizing smile that will never be meant to be mine,

Admiring you from a far with that person you love feels like hugging a rose full of thorns, painful yet beautiful,

Loving you in a secret way is an exquisite form to destruct my own being,

You're one of my infinite chaos, one of those greatest portion of my unanswered prayers,

Loving you is like waiting for a vast of sea to dried up, it's like swimming into the midst of a deep dark ocean without the eloquent of knowing what's waiting at the bottom,

I tried to block reality in the exchange of being with you in the own reality I created in my head, inside of that fabricated world of mine, You and I are in the same stage, both are mains, we are each others leading partners...

But faking reality is tiring, so I just decided to face the truth that you and me will be just those people who crosses path but never halt, we are just those strangers, me to you, yet you to me is beyond that, maybe my feelings will always be the stranger to you,

I held on so tightly to the aspiration of being seen and being love by the person I made as my world, this piece I created is just a diminutive part, but if I'll had a chance to construe my feelings, it would be an endless fit of words...

Well I'm tired everyone, so I'll end it here haha my minds are contemplating if I will finish this one, it's been a long time since I make some piece like this one, this is really about the unrequited love of someone,

Well to add more salt to the fresh wound, I want to view and make the perspective of the people who's experience this kind of hurting...

I know a range of individuals had experienced being in this kind of situation, and honestly I myself had been in this state, and it's really a no joke for me, I mean, I don't understand the aspect of love, I just don't, no more further explanation...

Maybe it's just that I'm just playing around that time without me noticing the feeling of pain from being unseen or being just an invisible and concealed.

Listen here you all folks, I just want to addresses this to all of us who read this one to know your worth, maybe now is not the right time for you to that kind of love, maybe this season is for you to find yourself, know what you wants, achieved your goals, maybe right now is the time for yourself, to just be you, focus on your growth, and one step at a time, and you'll just be unexpectedly realized that one day the love that is right will come its way to find you.

You are not a weak one, you are not giving up but you just need to let go, you maybe hanging on tight to the love you don't deserve yet I know that someday the right one will sees you, that will go dive deep with you to the vast of miseries, and will be with you in every miles stone.

Lastly, forgive yourself for adressing your feeling to those people who can't see the value of it, it's not that they are the wrong one, however, you weren't just bound to be together cause the almighty one has a better plan for you, and the thing is, you'll need to forgive yourself for staying longer than you should on a love that chains you into a distress and pain.

Heal for yourself, free yourself to the burdens of heavy feelings, release some grips, outgrew some weights that you are carrying for a long time now. Find yourself again and guard your heart, and stay where your presence and worth is valued.

Oh that's maybe enough for this morning, I'm contemplating to post this last night since I really had a busy weekend and I failed to write something, but here we go, I've write this one last night and I don't have the will to finish this piece but yeah, as I said life must go on, we doezneed to put an end to every thing even though I believe that every beautiful thing has to end, still we need to enjoy every bit of it. Finished or unfinished.

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Have a great Monday to start the week, please have your breakfast and let's be all productive today, I have tons to do and review papers since we've got to take finals face to face this week so I need to do my responsibility as a student hahha I don't want my mom to nag me again because of my laziness then act like a victim if ever I disappoint myself.

I have a lot of errands so gonna go bye, take care always and stay hydrated, enjoy the rest of the day my dear skies...

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Written by   112
5 months ago
Topics: Life, Reality, Love, Pain, Agony, ...
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you can't choose whom your heart beats for ika nga...kay maraming nasasaktan kasi nagmahal sa maling tao

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5 months ago

True lang mami, and by those pain and heartbreaks we learned and it doesn't mean that we shouldn't be believing in love however breakups is for us to give our heart a chance to find the right ome, to give those place to the person who deserved it and that deserved us.

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5 months ago

love will persist in commonality and communication in mutual trust while far away but close in heart.

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5 months ago