But sometimes we can't have it all, right?

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1 year ago

To the person who makes me feel like I'm in a cloud nine...

I wish I could hold you when you're feeling down,

I wish I could wipe those tears,

I wish I could be that person who's beside you when you felt alone even you're in a crowd,

Those fake smiles I see when you hear lies and fake rumors about you,

I want to just punch people on their face everytime they said nothing just a false information about you, they just talk and talk what they wanted without knowing you were already hurting,

I don't know how to say this but your beauty and warm heart radiates in my time of loneliness,

I choose to love and adore you even in distance,

Even you don't seen me or even know me I still want to be thankful for giving me inspiration, thankyou for being there when I'm at my lowest just watchimg you makes me feel at ease, thank you for making me laugh.

My friends and my family are asking who's in my phone homescreen and I said you're my lover hahaha and then my head hurts because of the hits and slaps I received from them.

I'm always thinking about you and although, for selfish reasons, I wouldn't want you to date hahaha just kidding if the right person comes then go for it, I will always support you.

I don't have anything to say hahahaha I hope someday you will notice me and read all my message to you, but when faith really is good to me then I wish it will let us met and I will let you hear in person all those messages I've send and written to you.

Miles and miles but still I fell for you this hard, I always watch your videos, your vlogs, I always watch you from the screen, I never had a chance to seen you in person, I am those one in a billions of people who loves and adores you, I love you Jennie Ruby Jane Kim. I will always and constantly loving you. Being your fan and had a chance to get to know ypu since ypu started with a scratch is one of the most beautiful moment I ever experienced in my life I watch you four, I know you are all good members of blackpink but you get my attention, you shine the brightest in my eyes. You are one of a kind human.

I never knew I would be crazy inlove with you,

You are my love and inspiration since 2016

You are my 2016,

I watch you grow up not just an idol but a also a woman, a person that I am proud to say my role model.

But sometime we can't have it all right? I'm contented to be your fan and love you in distance and on screen, on cam or behind the cam.

You are the best nini I love you.

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Hahaha just this simple message for my best girl Jennie Ruby Jane kim of blackpink because her birthday is coming on january 16 hahaha I hope she'll upload a vlog and enjoy her birthday. I really love her because who else dont hahhaa haters are just envy to her. She's the best!

(Kay jennie lang uuwe hahahaa walang chariz chariz)

Goodmorning everyone have a great day ahead. Stay hydrated! And stan blackpink.

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1 year ago


I also love her even though I didn't know her. I don't know. Her aura is just so lovable

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1 year ago

So trueee sis hahaha nababaliw talaga ko pag dating sa kanya hahaha.

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1 year ago