When they leave Scratchy (a cat short story)

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This is the story of Scratchy, a cute six-month-old kitten, white as a speck of snow, very playful and very intelligent. Scratchy had a couple of owners who loved him very much and took care of him, but they were older people and it is known that older people in today's world have many occupations, live a very hectic day to day and especially in a big city like this , and they usually didn't have enough time to take care of our friend Scratchy, so they used to leave him home alone a lot.

And actually, this made our friend want to pay attention to him, he needed a partner, he needed to play, he needed to do things, and this is another day: the pair of masters are getting ready, getting ready to go out to work, and what The first thing they do is let Scratchy prepare his food. They put a good portion of gatarina and a generous portion of fresh water on it and say goodbye: "Scratchy, we'll see each other tonight, we'll be back soon."

The masters grab, open the door and leave, and Scratchy goes very happy towards his food: "And I eat, I'm going to fill myself up!" And he succulently devours all the gatarina that had an exquisite flavor, because yes, the owners bought gourmet food for their cat. Scratchy finishes eating and begins to meow, but he realizes that no one is there, that no one is paying attention to him.

So, in his mind, he starts thinking, "Well, I'm going to get my masters back," and he immediately turns to the furniture and walks over to it, sticks out his little claws and starts tearing at each piece of furniture, scratching at it. . He hears the noise of how the seams on these living room furniture begin to break, and then he looks at the curtains and meows again. He already sees that they don't listen to him, and then he immediately launches an attack towards the curtains, withdraws with his hind legs, gets into a hunting position and begins to chase and hunt each one of the curtains, playing alone. because he was very bored, and at this point, so much physical activity made him a little tired, and he really felt very thirsty.

So he sees that there is a glass that his masters left on the table full of water, he meows again and climbs on the table where the glass is to drink water, because he was very thirsty. But well, in his effort to drink water, because he is still a young kitten, he knocks over the glass and the glass falls to the ground, and plan, the glass breaks. Well, after all these, Scratchy already wanted to pee, and immediately what he had closest to him was the piece of furniture, and he approaches the piece of furniture, raises his paw and pees there.

And so he spends the whole day doing different amounts of things, until the time comes when the door of the house is heard opening and the masters arrive. And they see the threadbare curtains, a urine well in the cabinet, the furniture all broken, they see glass from a glass and a water stain under the kitchen. Says Scratchy: "What have you done? Everything is broken." The lady says: "Ah, poor thing! It's probably because he's been alone all this time, he's bored and he's looking for a way to play."

Scratchy looks at his masters and gives the look, that famous look, like the look that Puss in Boots does, and meows cutely. The man says, he says to the woman, "You're right, this happens because we leave him alone too much. So we're going to have to find a way to keep him company." The mistress says: "Let's play, Scratchy", and she gets it, she takes out the mobile that has a little mouse attached to it, a little stuffed animal in the shape of a mouse, and starts to shake it so that Scratchy starts playing with it. And Scratchy feels very happy and content because his masters have arrived again, and despite the fact that he did not accept being left alone, he is very happy every time his masters are with him.

And finally, the masters say: "Well, now we are not going to let you spend so much time alone, and we are going to be together with you for a long time so that you do not get bored."

And this is the story for today, raising a little awareness about these animals that we often leave alone in our house, and that also need affection, love and attention. You have to pay attention to this and be a little aware that they are animals that need love and our affection, and they need our attention.

This has been the five-minute story for today.

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