Welcome to the alien Doggy jamboree!

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The amazing doggy Jamboree

Today I come to talk to you about a canine exhibition, where there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of participants of all ages with their pets.

We then see a huge number of judges who are taking notes, photographers with ties, with different types of ties, some with some curious hats, very particular.

There are also a lot of dogs and different breeds. They are all placed in a dome, a kind of construction made for all these people to gather and attend this fantastic dog exhibition.

This is an exhibition of dogs that is not conventional, it is different because it is an exhibition of alien dogs, that is, an exhibition of dogs that is in an extraordinary world.

And we, as citizens of the earth as terraces, have been invited to participate in this event.

The first dog we see in the exhibition is called Kaya. It is a Samoyed of the Lactea Way.

Kaya is a female dog, she is tall and very educated in the exhibition.

At the time of passing her, the first thing we see is how Kaya stands on her two hind legs, takes out her chest,
straightens her hair with her left leg, or the hair of her head sticks out her whiskers and walks with a more meticulous step towards a table and a wooden chair.

There she slides with her two front legs to the mantel of the table, and takes a cup of tea that is on her, a small teapot that is with hot water, she holds it with her right leg and with a typical grace of a phlegmatic English, she pours over the cup, the tea looks steamy, people go crazy clapping.

An alien with three heads says, oh, how wonderful, other aliens that are the size of a hunter, they throw a long and green building, it starts to drop droppings, and all the droppings flood, immediately some cleaning workers come out, which are automated nanobots and nothing happens because they immediately leave all the area clean.

Immediately after this mini-event, all the participants and the public are focused on Kaya's behavior and appearance, but there are other participants.

There is a brown dog that is watching Kaya participate, this one is called Jimmy and Jimmy is a dog of the potato breed.

Potatoes are dogs that feed only on potatoes, they are a kind of vegetarian dog and instead of having legs, their legs or what they do at times legs are like potato roots.

And it is seen that Potato is quite jealous of Kaya because the legs, which are its roots, begin to spread and spread and get stronger and become stronger and it is seen that it becomes quite red.

But they announce by the alien viewer to all those present that the exhibition will not be able to continue today because an intergalactic tornado is approaching, so the dog show for today will not be able to continue and this has been my contribution to the 5-minute free ride for today.

I hope you enjoyed it, thank you very much and see you next time.

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