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Don Coloctordoc was a man in his 40s who had always been dedicated to archaeology. Everything that he had to do with bones, ancient vessels and this type of thing was something that caught his attention a lot, and he was doing archaeological excavations as a hobby, since he was not a professional. He would always find common objects such as marbles, vases, plastic objects that had been discarded and the like.

On this occasion, he was in the Coro desert looking for and removing the sand under some cacti where he felt that he was going to find something strange, something out of the ordinary. He was always a very curious person, so searching and searching, he came across a stone that had some rather strange engravings in the shape of an ant. Rather, it could resemble a penis. It was quite a curious shape, and he didn't really recognize it.

He began to look for information on the networks and in different newspapers, looking in the libraries of different universities about this type of engraving with the face of an ant or the face of a penis to get a clue from where it was, what year it came from or what culture it came from. , if it had some kind of special meaning. He needed to find important information about this stone, so he carefully put it in a shoebox that had an anime bottom and top, which was the appropriate container to store this type of object, preventing it from getting damaged or falling apart. something happened to him and that could prevent him from being identified.

Don Coloctordoc continues to investigate about this stone until he finds evidence in the Coro National Library that suggests that this stone was from the Talactite culture, a very ancient culture that was related or believed to be related to extraterrestrials, since Talactite is a material that was found on several occasions in the remains of asteroids that entered Planet Earth several hundred years ago.

So searching and searching, he realizes with Coloctordoc that an asteroid was found in the 1500s that had this same engraving with the head of an ant in the shape of a penis, and that this engraving is associated with the ancient pyramids of Mexico. Here was evidence of intelligent life thousands and thousands of years ago, these pyramids dating back to the period of the existence of the dinosaurs, even before. So this was a discovery that challenged the known historical timeline.

At the time of finding this discovery, it was obviously made public, and different scientists from many parts of the world began to carry out a debate that began to revolutionize the field of anthropology. The church also got involved in it with great alarm, and the Vatican immediately began to think of rewriting the origins of humanity. There was a great stir at the cultural level and a great stir at the religious level, because everything that was said in the Bible was apparently false, it was a farce and it had been deceived. We have been deceived for all these years.

So all of this information that came out through these discoveries from our Coloctordoc, our archeology hobbyist, changed all of our knowledge of the world and our understanding of the world. And this caused society to change its paradigm and its way of thinking. Perhaps this was the most important archaeological discovery of our times and our culture.

And this was my 5 minute brief for today.

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