The inspiration behind my story about "The smallest Giant"

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5 months ago

Today I am here to talk to you about a very special topic and that is that what makes it special is giving it a context, an explanation that I had not given before.

I have been talking about this on different Discord servers from different communities in recent days and I came to the conclusion through all the talks and all the feedback I have received from the people who have participated and evaluated what I am going to tell you. Right now, through all those comments we have come to the conclusion that it is important to have the context of why the publications are made, especially the publication to which I am referring is that of "The Smallest giant", the story I wrote yesterday.

So, before I start to give the context, I want to say that this story was something very personal, so I am not going to give the name of the person who is involved in this, or who represents the inspiration on which I based my decision. make this story, because despite the fact that it is a fiction, it is based on a real event that is actively happening at the moment.

It is a person's life, and well, I want to protect the identity of this person who is involved in this matter for obviously moral reasons and because this would really significantly change her life and it is morally unethical to do so.

However, it is very important, as I have said, that they know that it is about the following: it is a story that really is the fight that the fight represents and how this person feels about the fight they are getting.

The context is this: my friend, named X, has been suffering from cancer for two years. She was diagnosed with cancer and for this reason this has created a very strong impact on her life, she has felt remarkably depressed, her life changed from one day to the next because she is a woman who has several children, some of them are small, others They are already adults of adolescent age and she is a person who is very active, she is a famous presenter, well, let's say quite well known in her country of origin.

He tells me that as a result of this situation with cancer, the doctor has been giving him hormones, a number of hormones to make his hair grow again, to make him feel better again, and as a result of all these hormones they have caused a chemical imbalance within your body.

Among the things that have caused this imbalance is the fact that he has no desire to have sexual relations with his current partner, coupled with this is the fact that long before he had his current partner, he had been married for two years. With this person, he has been maintaining contact with the father of one of his children, this has been many years, ten or more, since he has maintained this infidelity.

The issue is complicated because even after she got married, she has continued to maintain contact and relations with the previous father of her son. So, obviously, this is a very delicate situation. She has been a very close friend of mine, she is a person very close to me, despite the fact that she is in another country and she is a well-known radio presenter in the environment.

This situation, this fact that she is an announcer, significantly affects not only the aspect of her life but her work as well. She comes to me, as I am an important role model for her, we have always been very good friends and I have always given her my help and my advice when she needs it, she has come to me for advice, to tell me, to tell me what she feels very lonely, that the relationship she has with her current husband is no longer the same, that she needs to be given love, but that at the same time she feels that repudiation of not wanting to be with him.

I advised her in the best way I could, I let her know, which is very true, that she is very important to me, that she is a valuable person and that she has friends she can lean on, and I let her know that she You can talk to me whenever you need. Obviously, this made her feel very good and she calmed down and the look of her, what she was thinking in relation to this problem, the vision that she had changed remarkably for the better.

This made her situation change.

All this scenario that I am talking about, you will wonder, what does it have to do with the art of writing?

It has a lot to do with it, because I took all this context that I have explained to you to empty it into a story where, through a fantasy, a fiction, of a giant that represents the figure of my friend who feels alone. In this case, the giant of the love story in an apocalyptic world is a giant who feels lonely because humanity has changed, the world has changed remarkably, it was bombarded by biological bombs.

These biological bombs represent or symbolize the cancer my friend has.

I reflected it this way in my story so that you understand the meaning it has. And these biological pumps in my account caused humans to change, in this case, humans increased in size, growing up to four meters tall or becoming very small. And this is why this story, which by the way as an additional thing I mention, that this story was inspired based on the freewriters' prompt of "The smallest giant in the world" as a premise.

I took that prompt to create my friend's story, at the same time to write the story of the day, and to tell my friend's story. And now I am explaining to you everything that is behind the curtain, which gives it a lot of meaning and represents a lot for this story.

The story is based on my friend's personal fight against cancer and how it has affected her relationship. This obviously moved me and the story expresses the importance of love and of having close people or friends to help us in these difficult times.

I wanted to tell you why this story has such an important message for all of us, because at the same time in this story I try to convey to all those people who are going through a difficult time in which they will always have a way out, support, either in your friends, in these virtual communities, in this space.

They will always have someone to talk to and that they should never underestimate the power of love and the value of other people that can bring to their lives, it is very important to know that when we feel alone and vulnerable in our life is when we need it the most. support and help from other people.

Basically, this publication is to be able to give you the context that you were previously unaware of. I did not want to add it to the story because it seemed to me that it was going to be too long, but I had this idea that germinated through the conversations that I had, as I already mentioned, in the last days in the different discords of the communities, the different curators and participants suggested that I talk to them about this.

This story of love in the apocalyptic world was inspired by the story of my friend who fights cancer, and I really hope that this publication, both the story and this one that will have links between the two, help to spread the message that there is always hope when we receive the help and support of other people. I hope this contributes to your day to day and that you know that by doing this type of synthesis in writing, we can help and make other people grow, and that people learn, understand and understand the reason why we do this type of content.

This is not the only content that I have made of this style, referring to the stories. There are others, but I rarely start to explain them and detail the whole world that is or everything that is behind each of these works that I do.

I want you to know that each one of them has a content based on experiences that I myself have had in life, things that have happened to me or experiences of other people that I have related or witnessed.

Thank you very much for getting here and I look forward to your comments and the opinions you have in relation to all this, because through them you make me grow and I can bring a better quantity and quality of content.

Have a nice day!

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|Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt and personal story behind your fiction tale, "The Smallest Giant." It takes great courage to open up about a topic as sensitive as cancer and its impact on your friend's life. I admire your decision to protect her identity while still conveying the profound emotions and challenges she faces. Your storytelling beautifully captures the essence of her fight against cancer and how it has affected her relationships. The symbolism of the giant in an apocalyptic world, representing her feelings of loneliness, is both creative and poignant. It serves as a powerful metaphor for the struggles she endures. Your message about the importance of love and support during difficult times resonates deeply. It reminds us all that we should never underestimate the power of human connection and the value of having someone to lean on. Your words serve as a reminder to cherish our relationships and offer our support to those in need. I believe your story has the potential to inspire and provide hope to others who may be facing similar challenges. It's through sharing our experiences and vulnerabilities that we can create a sense of unity and understanding. Your willingness to open up and discuss such personal matters showcases your empathy and compassion. Your writing not only delves into the emotions and struggles your friend faces, but it also reflects your growth as a writer and storyteller. The way you incorporate real-life experiences into your fiction adds depth and authenticity to your work. It's evident that your stories are fueled by personal encounters, either your own or those of people you've known, which makes them relatable and meaningful. I want to express my gratitude for sharing this story and providing the context behind it. It has given me a deeper appreciation for the narrative and its underlying message. Your willingness to engage in conversations and listen to feedback from various communities demonstrates your commitment to growth and improvement as a writer. I hope this comment serves as an acknowledgment of your talent and the positive impact your writing can have on others. Keep sharing your stories and touching the lives of those who read them. I look forward to reading more of your work and engaging in discussions that promote understanding and empathy. Wishing you a wonderful day filled with creativity and inspiration! Best regards,

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