The Curse of Sleepless Nights

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9 months ago

When I do an analysis and I look back, I remember all those long sleepless nights that I had to go through. So many things that many could not overcome.

Learnings that life gives us.

Many of those nights were a product of the anxiety of knowing what my life was going to be like the next day.

I remember when I had my sick parents, I always worried if I was going to be able to get them what they asked for in the care center. Sometimes they were supplements for personal care, clothes, and a lot of different things.

And my economic situation in those days was not the best. I was working and I had to invest money to buy the goods and things that my mother needed when she was sick. Such as diapers for adults, soap, etc. The situation was very difficult in the country because due to the scarcity, it was difficult to get these kinds of things. And it was very difficult to get them.

Then this made me have long sleepless nights with worries.

In those years I had a lot of baldness, my hair turned gray and my beard turned completely white. I was going through a period of a lot of anguish. And those nights were a very hard lesson for me.

I would like to tell you that those sleepless nights are over. But life is like that.

I overcame all those difficulties, but currently, there are others and there are still others and others.

And it is a common factor in the life of all people. To overcome obstacles and solve problems. To face them and overcome them.

I have learned that in order not to have sleepless nights, the most important thing is the attitude that you have in life. I know it is quite difficult to achieve not to have any kind of concern.

But you can achieve it by building an optimal mental state and a positive mind. To achieve this, you have to have a really strong mentality. And have a lot of discipline, a lot of willpower.

It is something like what I do every day. I do a daily publication.
And believe me that on many occasions I do not dare to write.

But I meditate, I relax. And I remember that I have a goal to fulfill. And I encourage myself and I do the publication.

Because it is an issue that has already become a personal challenge. A challenge to overcome me, not to compete with anyone else.

I am competing against myself and against my desire to be able to eliminate forever those sleepless nights that did so much harm to me and that do so much harm to me.

I hope to be an example for all those people who want to persist and who want to overcome those sleepless nights.

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9 months ago