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The catwomen on fire! - Yuyu #2 - Gameplay - Retrogaming GBA

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1 year ago

In the previous chapter, we had to do a series of tasks to be able to take over the body of our rival, get some qualifications that they asked us to appear to be intelligent and once we did it we had a conversation with Botan, who finally allowed us to take possession of the body of the girl and that is where we begin the next stage of the game which is the one we are going to talk about today.

We find that we are in the body of our beloved and we have to go rescue our own body before it is burned, it is still not clear to me why this fire occurred and I do not know if it was a plot failure of the game, but what I understand is that the rascals we usually seek a fight from set our house on fire and now we have to save our body if we want to stay alive.

The first thing they tell us is that there is a fire and we have to run to that house.

So immediately the compass and the photo with the new character that is the girl appears to go running to look for the house, and we immediately hit a race to where it indicates us.

On the way, we are going to get several enemies, and at first, you get the surprise that you cannot attack, the only thing you can do is run and evade them, the good part is that you run faster than them and they will not reach you, and at this stage, they don't chase you either.

Here I stopped, I paused, to meditate on the place where the car hit me, there is the image of the body were to die to save the life of the child. A brief moment of meditation to reflect on the ironies of life! Ha!

After avoiding several enemies, I finally find the house that is on fire, and we can notice that our compass turns red, indicating that this is the point we should have reached.

And we should not worry because when we press the start button, we get the next surprise!

Damn it! Now we are in a house that is on fire! And as we can see, now we have a new problem: immediately a stopwatch appears on the screen, which tells us that this is a mission that has a certain time to complete, so the Pressure is an element that can express to you, also if we step on the places where the fire is burning we will burn and our life diminishes.
So we have to get around all those obstacles, which is a bit difficult because being a 2D game the perspective to move with the arrows is more complicated than average than it would be in any common GameBoy console.

It is an apartment with several rooms, and with the classic arcade model in which you advance to the right of the screen, and you go to the next room.

Here we find that to advance to the next room we have flames that prevent us from passing, but we immediately realize that there are some switches on the wall, with flames conveniently placed very close to burning yourself, it is impossible to avoid it!

You have to go through several rooms to get to where our body is, it was moderately difficult for me because I ran with luck and on the first attempt I found the room, but there is a kind of labyrinth, and we must remember that we have a limited time and if we choose The wrong way is running out of time, and we cannot fulfill the mission, and this means game over for us!

So I flipped the two switches to get to the next room.

And finally, we find our body lying on a bed, where I suppose we are passed out from all the smoke in the place.

Here I find a flaw in the game because it is assumed that everything is on fire. I do not understand why this room does not have smoke graphics, I think that detail was passed on to the game developers.

Botan (death) appears to us in this room and tells us that we must make a sacrifice to save the life of our beloved who has lent us her body to save our body from this fire and that if we want to save her life, we must make the sacrifice of throwing away the little beast egg that we had gotten in the spiritual world, but if we do, unfortunately, we are going to die and that she is going to have to take us back to the spiritual world, that is, we are going to end up scourged, because we will not be able to recover our body!

Of course, we make the right decision for love! We throw the egg of our inner beast, and we go to our beloved.

When we are ready to have eternal life in the spiritual world, another entity appears to us, which apparently is superior to death itself or is its boss, and tells us that in reward for our courage and for showing so much love for other human beings are not going to hire as spiritual detectives, and that from now on we are going to start working for him by performing different missions, trying to put all these criminals who have committed crimes in the world of the living in spiritual jail and deserve to be damned!

He gives us a series of explanations, saying that we are not going to have all the tools to fight those criminals and that we do not worry, because we are going to want skills and objects that will allow us to fight against all these enemies.

The first thing it tells us is that we must find those objects that are lying in a part of the city, and that Botan will then continue to communicate with us to assign us the different missions.

So we recover our body with these conditions of what we must work with our new boss. I guess this was not very funny to death! LOL.

And the first thing we think about is that we should go find Kayko !.

After they give us an explanation of how to use our new ability which is a spiritual pistol that launches a kind of beams that are like energy projectiles, we do not launch where the compass indicates us, and we find our first objective: it is one of the bullies surrounded by their gang !.

And here things get complicated! The space to move is quite limited, and the mechanics are extremely complicated to fight, making the difficulty of this combat quite difficult, especially since the enemies that have yellow hair are much more powerful and difficult to remove.

After several attempts, I managed to overcome this stage, and I began to move towards my next goal.

The road is very full of all these types of enemies in groups of three and four, it is quite difficult to overcome them and how I got tired, I decided to leave today's chapter until here.

Here we can see how our icon of the main character with the number 5 shows them on the screen, which indicates that so far we have five characters with whom we can play, and we are still missing the number 6 character that I still do not know whose it is about.

So far I have progressed this far.

The game is getting very interesting, especially due to the fact of having these new missions to catch these people who have hurt the world of the living.
The concept of the story is very attractive to me, and the way it is unfolding.

The truth as an old-school gamer, I can tell you that I miss the absence of this type of concept in the games of The New Generation, which focus much more on the graphics and very little on the development of such an attractive story. Blow your imagination.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter because I did!

And we will be seeing each other in the next episode of the spiritual detective, looking for the three missing objects, getting the skills, and completing the missions !.

A brofist! For you and see you in the next episode of the spiritual detective!

This publication is of my entire authorship and was previously published here.

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Written by   193
1 year ago
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