The Adventure Of A Man Who Followed His Heart To Discover A New World

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A man exploring a new world

This is the story of a man who decided to explore planets.

He was a man who lived in a rather desolate place. He was surrounded by a whole desert.

There was only sand around him. A large open space without flowers, without animals. And the temperature was very cold. It was around minus three degrees Celsius. With such cold temperatures, his place or everything that surrounded him was frozen.

It looked like the stones that surrounded the environment were falling drops of frozen water all around him in a cold climate. When he breathed, the steam of his breath could be seen in the environment.

This man was dressed in animal skins with very thick layers that looked like bears. The hood or what covered the man's head looked like a big bear head with large canines that came out of this kind of mask.

This man, tired of living alone on this planet, ventured to build a machine or a ship that would make him travel to another place. To do so, he dedicated himself to extracting materials from the same rocks.

This man motivated himself by repeating "you are a leader, you can achieve it".

He began to forge little by little an oven made of these stones. He managed to light a fire and put together a material called telangnita, which is the typical material of this world. He managed to melt it and make tools that allowed him little by little to build pieces of what would be his ship.

For fuel, he decided to make some containers where he was going to deposit large pieces of ice from a glacier that was south of this place. To do this, he had to build some kind of sleds where he would transport large pieces of ice. These pieces of ice were moved through an ingenious circular rock system in the form of logs that made it very easy to transport these large blocks of ice without having to use too much force.

He spent about seven years building these mechanisms to make his ship until he finally managed to finish the construction of a ship. A ship that had an oval shape, it looked more like the egg of a great prehistoric animal. This ship had at its bottom all the receptacles or the part where two large blocks of ice were deposited.

The ice, in a very ingenious way, melted when it came into contact with the air. The ecosystem of this planet was quite strange and created a kind of liquid fuel similar to the gasoline of the terrestrial world. This was the material to be able to have the fuel and to be able to make the ship work.

Once this process was completed, this ingenious engineering process, the ship could start working.

What the man did was switch on the power button of his ship and fortunately, everything went as he wanted.
The ship turned on and started its flight to other worlds.

The first world it found was a moon that orbited on the planet where it was. It was a red moon and it was able to arrive and land on this world and began to explore this singular and particular world.

It was afraid because it saw large figures in the distance that looked like giants and they were armed giants with large scimitars and large weapons.

But here was this man, in this new world, about to explore and begin this adventure that for the first time he had managed to leave his planet, his comfort zone. And he was venturing to know new situations, new challenges to face.

For now, he would look for a shelter in the closest cave and he would settle there until he carefully thought about what his next step would be.

And for today, the man left his ship, made a fire, and set out to look for a source of water.

Maybe I will continue another chapter of this adventure.

Tell me if it is your preference and if you want me to continue.

Thank you very much for reading this story and I hope you enjoyed it.

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