Ode to my stomach ache

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1 month ago

Stomach Ache

Oh no, here comes the pain,
It’s my stomach ache again,
How I wish I could explain
Why I just can’t stand.

My stomach feels like a rock,
It’s like I swallowed a block,
I can’t help but to mock
This painful and odd jock.

I’m sure it’s not the flu,
It's something that I can’t undo,
I’d pray, but what do I do
To make this stomach ache go away?

I try to take an antacid,
But it’s not helping at all,
What I really need is magic
To put this stomach ache in a coffin and then entomb.

I guess I’ll just lie here,
Cursing this stomach ache with ire,
I hope it will soon disappear
And grant me a little respite from this pain so dire.

It’s funny how it just comes,
Without warning or explanation,
It just makes me feel so glum
And I’m just praying for a cure and some liberation.

I’m in a lot of pain,
But I’m trying to stay sane,
I can’t help but to complain,
That this stomach ache might never go away.

I’ll keep on hoping, that in time,
I’ll feel relief and be fine,
But until then I’m stuck in this line,
Waiting for my stomach ache to be gone forever.

Today I have a hellish stomach ache, I feel very bad and I tried to write a poem to make fun of this unpleasant pain.

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