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Mortal Engines - Review

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2 months ago
Can you imagine living in a post-apocalyptic world where survival is based on obtaining resources and accumulating them?

It would be quite a difficult experience where only the fittest and strongest could survive.

I particularly believe that I could not survive in a world without technology, precisely because I make a living from it. But in order not to dwell on it, today I come to talk to you about a movie that I liked a lot and that is called "Maquinas Mortales" (Mortal Engines in English).

From my point of view, it is a great blockbuster, which is worth seeing. It is a steampunk fantasy with an air of Final Fantasy because of the flying ships that appear and other things.

This is a great movie, which is an adaptation of the Philip Reeves fantasy of the same name.

The story is based on two mobile cities fighting to take over territories in a Mad Max-style of clothing and machines. In their fight, they use giant harpoons to try to catch the cities.

One of those cities is London, which travels in huge towers that reach up to the sky and are in search of the fuel that is one of the most precious goods in this post-apocalyptic era.

At the beginning of this production, they tell us how things got to this moment when in the ancient world in the 21st century more than 1000 years ago they had what they call the 60-second war where all things were destroyed, and they got to where they are. the state of civilization right now.

I imagine how this movie could look in 3D, it would surely be amazing.

The synopsis of the film reads as follows: "Thousands of years after the destruction of civilization by a cataclysm, humanity has adapted and a new way of life has emerged. Now the gigantic city is the movement win for the earth attacking Mercilessly to the smaller towns. Tom Natsworthy from London's lower class must fight for his life after meeting the dangerous fugitive Hester Shaw. Two opposites whose paths should never have crossed form a peculiar alliance destined to change the course of the world Future".

How can you tell this Peter Jackson masterpiece has enough juice and flavor to enjoy.

They plunged humanity into the most absolute catastrophe, destroying the tectonic plates of the entire earth and the people who survived had to adapt and evolve. Making cities mobile and roaming everywhere in search of resources.

The work of some actors is a bit weak and this is because the script is not very good from my point of view, the actress who plays Hester on many occasions seems to me to overreact. But I can't deny that she highlights her quest for revenge and that is what makes the film mainly attractive in addition to its top-notch special effects.

The way they present the conclusion to us in the third part of the story (the end), is what seems to me to be so interested in this blockbuster.

And also subtractive lies in the fact that it is a work by Peter Jackson with staff who worked on The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, and this of course gives a very interesting plus s this blockbuster.

In addition, it is worth noting the great visual section that was achieved with the mobile cities and all the elaboration of the clothes and the setting of the film deserves a special mention.

This movie is available on Netflix, and the truth is that another of the recommendations because I liked it a lot.

If you are a fan of steampunk cinema and fantasy in the style of Final Fantasy VII, Chrono trigger, this movie is sure to please you.

And this is another of the great films that help me and motivate me to keep writing to all of you.

I am a fan of these imaginative worlds and these types of fantasies, which transport me to worlds with different possibilities and ideas, where I can learn how these great producers and filmmakers make these works.

I hope you liked this suggestion, trying to avoid all possible spoilers from the movie.

Until next time!.

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Written by   164
2 months ago
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I am a big fan of the genre myself. Have you watched the series "WestWorld". Def try it out and totally worth

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2 months ago