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The following story was written by artificial intelligence, I asked him to write a story for children in which the protagonist was an ant with a big head that felt different from the others, the AI ​​used to build this story was Chat GPT 4.

It is really very surprising what can be achieved with this type of tools, which are being perfected more and more every day, despite the fact that they still need to be polished in terms of certain aspects that humanize them and make them feel as if they were written by a human being. Human, there is still a way to go.

However, I find that the usefulness of these tools can help us, for example, to build personalized stories for our children that we can tell them at bedtime, besides that they can also be useful by giving us ideas for the construction and development of characters.

Of course there are many cons, currently one of the biggest is that they may be able to provide erroneous data, information or content that obviously can end up harming us, and in this sense I feel that these matters should be given away.

Without more to add, today in addition to my thoughts and constructive criticism about it, I am going to leave you this story written by chat gpt 4.

The Ant with the Big Head

Once upon a time there was a little ant named Lola. Despite her size, Lola had a very large head. She always worried about how small she looked in comparison to her fellow ants.

One day, she decided to do something about it.

Lola decided that she was going to go up the mountain to feel bigger than all the other ants. So, she began her journey. The mountain was very high and the path was difficult, but Lola did not give up. She was determined to get to the top.

Finally, after much effort, Lola reached the top of the mountain. From there, she could see the whole forest and all the other ants that were much smaller than her. Lola felt very proud of herself. She thought that she had found the solution to her problem.

Lola decided to stay on top of the mountain. She built a small house there and began to live by herself. As time passed, Lola realized that she was wrong. Even though she felt bigger than the other ants, she also felt very lonely.

Lola began to miss her ant companions and realized that no matter the size of her head, she was still an ant like all the others. She decided to go down the mountain and return to her friends.

When she returned to the forest, her friends were surprised to see her. They asked her why she had left and why she had built a house on top of the mountain. Lola told them her story and told them that she had learned a very important lesson.

She explained to them that the size of her head didn't matter, what mattered was what was inside her. Lola realized that she had been looking for the solution to her problem in the wrong place. She had been looking outside of herself, when the answer was within her all along.

From that day, Lola became a great friend to all the ants in the forest. Even though she still had a big head, she didn't worry about it anymore. She knew that what mattered was her heart and her friendship with others.

Lola's story is an important lesson for all of us.

"Sometimes we think we have to do something special to feel important or special. But, in reality, what matters is what is inside of us. We are all unique and special in our own way. We don't need to do extraordinary things to be important. What matters is our kindness, kindness and love for others."

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