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2 months ago

Who of you has dreamed of being a rock star? I am sure that is something that is in favor of your dreams, having fame and being recognized is always something that is in the nature of us human beings. I suppose it will be because of the need we have for our effort and what we do to be recognized.

And that is why this time I want to recommend you a magnificent game that is on the blockchain and is called Rising Star.

It is a collectible card game, NFT, where you are going to start from the lowest level as a busker who escapes from the police every time he is secretly playing without a license, making a long journey through different stages that go through all-star, from participating in an open mic night to putting together a band and becoming a superstar.

This game allows you to entertain yourself and I must say that it is extremely easy to participate in it.

Since I have been playing it a couple of days ago I have had a lot of entertainment and fun, the most important of all is that it generates a dividend in cryptocurrencies.

And don't worry because you can start playing it for free, all you need is to have an account at Hive ( and you can immerse yourself in the adventure of becoming famous.

The game has different parts that I will show you briefly so that you know how interesting it is.

Accessories, musical instruments, vehicles, and even famous singer characters can be purchased to use.

The game currency or the token that is used is the Starbits, which can easily be acquired directly by playing, being able to acquire cards and everything in the game without having to invest anything from your pocket. Of course, if you make an investment you will advance faster in the game.

The prices are very affordable and cheap, don't worry about that.

After we have our account created when entering the game, it is the main screen, where we can move where we need to.

Main screen

Here we can start a mission, that allows us to earn Starbits in order to improve our game.

We have the general menu from where we can access our account section, and a special section to be able to play our game on our smartphone.

We can also see the screen of the people who more recently walk has given prizes for building their own cards, since the game allows you this function also to be able to make your own cards to be able to sell them in the market, thus increasing the chances that you get dividends.

It also shows an icon at the bottom where you have an online radio of the same game in case you want to enjoy music while you are playing. You can deactivate and activate it whenever you want.

When we click on start mission it takes us to the next screen.

General menu

Here we can see a map where it shows us the area in green where we started the game. This is the hometown where we started our adventure.

The important thing here is that we have a series of missions from level 1 to very high levels that will give us Starbits, experience and we will gain fans, which are what allow our popularity to increase.

Each mission has a requirement to be able to do it, a minimum number of fans, a stipulated time in which it is done, and the approximate amount of reward that you will have for doing it. It is so easy how to click and let the clock run with the time that you can see there until the mission ends, at the end the noise of a coin will sound and you will know that you can click again to continue the mission and accumulate coins.

On the top left, we have an indicator that simulates the battery of a cell phone, that represents our energy that of course is used up every time we do a mission. In the same mission, he tells you the energy requirement that will be needed for you to complete it. If you run out of energy you cannot do the mission, but do not worry that the energy is always recharged over time. And you also have certain things that the same game gives you randomly such as pizzas and coffee, what you find randomly and allow you to fill your energy bar so that you can continue doing missions.

You are managing your energy and looking at how much you have left to know what the mission is and what is best for you to do.

Below the energy bar, you can see the character or singer you are using, which gives you a series of statistics, in my case I have a card called an Undead Fred that I buy and it is very good because it gives me 100 followers and I increases skill by 110 points.

There is a card limit for each issue and it is important to have cards that are already out of the market because they are very valuable.

So that makes the game very attractive to collectors like me. Who knows if in the future any of these cards that are discontinued will probably have a very high value and you can make a lot of money selling it. Remember that this is an NFT type game, where all the items you have are valuable and can be traded in the domestic market or anywhere else.

Below the card, you can see the information on the number of fans you have, the amount of skill luck and the income you can get in the future for all the cards you have, which in my case is 27 cards that give me all those benefits that you see there.

Great right?

In addition, the missions are very entertaining and the game is full of sounds that make the experience enjoyable.

But let's keep exploring the game, the next thing we'll talk about is the people section.


Here we can find the cards of all the people that are available in the game, if it appears in gray it means that they are not your property and if they appear in color it means that you already have them.

There is a pretty decent variety of letters from famous and non-famous singers, which we find John Lennon and a few other major figures from the world of fame. These are very valuable and unique or very limited edition cards.

In addition to famous singers, we can also find producers of different levels that will help you advance in your process of being a music star.

Both the producers and the singers available are of different levels, from the most basic to the most advanced.

We also have different styles of music ranging from rock through Rock, Pop, Rap, to classical music with interpreters such as Beethoven, Mozart, etc.

It is really very cool and a very well thought out game.

And in order to use our singers, we have another section called Boosts.


These are accessories that allow us to refill our energy, maintain the followers we get and even have artists and producers that will help us improve our experience and skill in the game much more.

We can see that there are two cards that I already have which are the coffee cards and the pizza box card, these are very important because they allow you to recharge your energy every time you run out and so you can continue doing missions and generating money.

The pizza box allows you to store a pizza that you get in the game, you do not have this card you will have to eat the pizza at the moment and surely if you have 70% energy or such an amount you will waste the pizza since when they are found the energy is replenished, use it when you are very low on energy to be able to get more out of the game.

The coffee menu does the same but with coffee, the more cards you have, you will be able to store all the coffees and pizzas you get, which will allow you to play and do missions for a longer amount of time.

It is very important that you have at least one of these two cards.

Remember that afterward, little by little you can buy cards with Starbits.

Every good musician needs to move from one place to another and that's what vehicles are for.


Here we can see a very large variety of transports that we can use, ranging from a helicopter to a simple motorcycle, through luxury buses, limousines, and first-class yachts.

Can you imagine arriving at a concert with your entire band and getting off from a helicopter? This game allows you to enjoy that experience!

But all this is marketed through an internal market that is connected to where you can enjoy and exchange a different variety of touches that are available within the same game through this platform. It is very easy to use because if you have the Hive keychain app installed, you can easily access it with a single click and carry out the purchase or sale operation of whatever you want.


When you click on any card, the screen you see at the top is displayed, where you can see the characteristics of the card, the number of cards that have been released on the market, which in this case are 1750, the number of cards that the card already has. People what are 1750, and the status of the letter that in this case says that it is discontinued so it is a letter that is moderately valuable since it is a rare letter and above all, it is discontinued.

We have two tabs available, one that indicates the card that you have and from there you can sell it or transfer it to another person, in case you want to do so and in the other tab is the market where you can see the different prices and tokens in which it is If you give where it says Buy, you can buy it using the Hive Keychain app, and in a matter of seconds the letter will be added to your collection and you can use it.

Is the whole process very simple?

All this is under control from the part of your account, which is what we are going to see next.


And here we simply have the option of where we can manage our account, Starbits deposits or withdrawals of the same currency or of any other currency using hive engine.

It is extremely complete, it says the number of letters or packages you have bought and it is quite simple.

You have to take into account that withdrawals can be made from 1000 Starbits onwards and this minimum is reached very quickly, starting the game in a matter of two or three days. You will already reach the minimum.

With Starbits you can buy cards and any number of things through the internal market.

You can make deposits and transfers once your character has reached level 5 and that level is really reached quickly, at most in a week it will have that necessary requirement to be able to do this type of operations in your account.

But this is not because the most interesting and attractive part that all of you will like is that you can participate in the game using bitcoin Cash !.

And this is what I am going to briefly explain next.

Using Bitcoin Cash to play Rising Stars

How you see in the image It is very simple, you only go to, see it with your username and your private key and once you are in from the main menu you will select the option to deposit, there you will be able to see all the amount of cryptocurrencies that they can use to deposit them in hive engine and once they have them there, they will have a token called SWAP.BCH, the only thing they have to do is convert it to Starbits using the internal market of Hive engine, for which you go to the domestic market and exchange your SWAP.BCH for SWAP.HIVE (which is nothing more than the HIVE currency) and then with those hives they buy Starbits, starpro, Len, vibes, or any of the other cryptocurrencies that are accepted in the game.

It is very easy to do it and I invite you to do the test, it really is a very great benefit to be able to use our Bitcoin Cash to be able to play in this game.

And the interesting thing about all this is that we can use bitcoin, Litecoin, Eos, Binance coin (BNB), Steem, Hive, BEP20 tokens, and ERC20 tokens, in short, we can use almost any cryptocurrency to play Rising Star.

Using this method that I am explaining to you, it is very easy to achieve it.


Today in the blockchain there are many interesting options in terms of gaming, Rising stars is one of them that is very attractive because of how simple it is to perform the missions, it is as simple as clicking a button, leaving the browser or cell phone through the page there and then when we hear the noise of the coins falling we already know that our mission is completed and we click again.

We do not need to pay attention but only to the energy we have, and periodically as we accumulate Starbits, pay a visit to the domestic market to go here to see our cards and all the things that we will need to carry out the new missions.

In this way, we can accumulate new cards, and if it is not our pleasure we can exchange our Star Bits for Bitcoin Cash, and thus in this way we can generate playing more bitcoin cash simply by dedicating a few hours a day or the time we are in it. PC we can continue generating bitcoin Cash through this game.

This is a very interesting and very important added value, and if you want to join to earn Bitcoin Cash using this game, well here is the link for you to explore the game, it is completely free and does not require any investment.

Nor are you going to have invasive advertising or anything like that.

I hope to see you there in one of the bars on your journey to being a very famous star!

Until the next future rock star occasion!

(Rising Star official Webpage)

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How the money making fridge is evolving great great contribution friend

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2 months ago

Is this a new site? When was this launched?

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2 months ago

The game has already been on the blockchain for about 1 year, and every day it grows more. It is very easy to play it and it is a very great opportunity to obtain passive income in a very fun way, I love it, it is generating more and more profits!

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2 months ago

Is that so? I really don't have any idea with this because I am a late bloomer to know about bitcoincash or any Cryptos

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2 months ago

Yes it is, i suggest you join it today and begin earning.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

I will try it, thanks for your recommendation 😊

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2 months ago

You explained it really well, and it is nice that BCH can be used here. Enjoy the game sir!

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2 months ago

I do, wish you earn some bch on it too, give it a try!

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2 months ago

Amigo muchas gracias por crear esta publicación, hace unos días inicié pero no entendí nada jaja, soy bastante nueva en los juegos donde se gana NFT, apenas voy entendiendo. Tu artículo me ha sido de gran ayuda.

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2 months ago

El juego es muy bueno, y no sé si sabías ,pero quienes me siguen desde hace tiempo saben que detesto hacer tutoriales o explicar cosas jajaja, por eso este tipo de publicaciones me cuestan muchísimo trabajo hacerlas.

En realidad se le puede sacar mucho provecho al juego, hay muchas cosas para hacer y ganarle, y tambien se puede jugar desde el teléfono.

Que bueno que te haya sido útil, esa es la finalidad de mis contenidos, que ayuden a las personas.

Y gracias por apoyar mis contenidos Sara, siempre eres bienvenida por mis espacios.

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2 months ago