I Don't Want To Complain On Sundays, But It Feels Good To Get Things Off My Chest

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2 months ago

I haven't written in Spanish for a long time, and today is one of those days that makes me do it, whoever is interested in reading what I'm saying, translate it, I'm not in the mood to write in English today, I'll just do it in the read.cash, hive and steemit publications, but nothing else.

Generally my policy is not to work on weekends, but I always do it a little, to get ahead, although recently I am very tired and I have stopped publishing my recommendations here in noise.app(this article was originally written for noise.app and in spanish, so you are reading a translation specially for read.cash on this moment), it is due to fatigue, it is not for any other reason.

Here the problems with the water service continue, they put it only 1 hour a day and it is annoying having to take everyone with water every day for 1 hour at night.

Worse still is having to wash clothes by hand, bathe with only one bucket of water and spend only 1 bucket.

I feel like I live in a neglected, cramped, poor place.

And it is that poverty is not about the positions that one has, but about the quality of life, having access to basic services, such as being able to have access to medicines that can be purchased at a low price and are easily obtained, the same than to food, to basic personal hygiene and household cleaning products, and of course the same for basic entertainment.

A person with all these things immediately stops being poor, and begins to climb to other positions, to create a better world, to develop things.

Although new skills are developed in difficult situations, I have been developing new survival skills for more than 40 years, and I feel fatigued, exhausted.

What I want right now is to have a reasonable amount of money, to be able to live in peace and dedicate myself to what I like: making dioramas, where I can represent the stories of all the worlds that are in my mind.

But the instruments and all the materials to make the dioramas are very expensive, and more so in Venezuela.

Between brushes, cardboard, paints, foamy, white glue, balsa wood, anime and spray paints I can easily spend around $1500 a month, and currently I only earn $20 a month, so my dream of doing this is simply impossible.

Not even raising $5 a month to buy the brushes to paint the miniatures can I get to something, my whole life is wasted on that.

Anyway, while I think about these miseries of life that frustrate me, I do the catharsis through these lines to heal myself from so much garbage in life.

Whatever, I'm going to intoxicate myself with twitter for a while, I already left my mark here.

Live your lives, "i am living today" as Frank Sinatra says in New York New York that I am listening to right now.

"King of the hill, top of the heap.

These little town blues. Are melting away".

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2 months ago