I don't like dealing with noisy people, and Venezuelans are like that.

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2 months ago
I hate the noises.

DISCLAIMER : Before I begin, I am Venezuelan, and I do not feel comfortable with it (I have my reasons for that and I am not going to explain it in this publication or in any other. So don't expect explanations from me, I'm not going to invest a single second of my time in it).

Today I was going to talk to you about why I don't like to deal with Venezuelan people and why, within everything I can, I try to get away from having relationships with them.

I know that I currently have acquaintances and Venezuelan friends, but there are very few and I have chosen with tweezers.

And this is a response that I gave to a good friend of mine from the Philippines recently, in a private conversation that we had on Telegram, where she asks me what the reasons are.

There I elaborated on the answer to this whole issue. Because I know that this is a topic that will cause a lot of stir if I start to detail it and with surgical precision explain the reasons.

I know it will bring disgust and you know, it annoys me to have to be explaining the reasons or receive mockery or disgust from other people simply to expose my point of view or to try to defend my point of view of why I don't like to deal with them.

I think it is a decision of life and something that must be respected.

And today my intention was, at first I thought, to publish something about this. But in the end, I regretted it and here I am writing the reasons why I regretted it. Because at this point in life, at the age of 54, I like to lead a quiet life, in peace.

And I think that wisdom through the years has taught me that I must avoid, that I prefer to avoid certain issues that bring me conflict, that generate conflict.

I know that very well when I was 30 years old or 27 years old, I was very combative and I liked to always look for fights. I was always looking to argue all the things. I think those are simply stages of life and at these heights, I have already overcome this stage and I find myself in this other stage where I think that I am calmer and wiser and I see things from another point of view.

And if I understand perfectly those who are young or those who have a patriotic feeling towards their nationality and they think they are the best in the world, well, that's fine, believe them, the best in the world.
But I have some news for you, be it from the country you are in, that will not be the best country in the world.

Venezuela is not the best country in the world. Those are simply myths and are ways of exalting the sense of belonging that one has towards a country or a taste or a specific preference.

I, at these heights of life, see things that way and this is what I wanted to tell you, regardless of whether the person has a preference or sees things in a certain way, you should always respect that point of view and you should always leave the person calm and be as it is to express your thoughts and ideas.

So I take my white washed cottages and lock myself up to live inside them, in my world.

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2 months ago


Well, I will respect your thoughts and personal opinions about it sir. We have our rights to express ourselves.

As for me, as much as I wanted to have peace of mine, I will avoid being with people that I don't like to be with. 😅

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2 months ago

In my case, I do my best to have the least amount of contact with neighbors and with anyone who is Venezuelan, I don't like it. But I am forced to have it because they knock on my door for building issues, to pay bills for community things and things like that, and the truth is that I break down =(

But that's life, that's why my dream is to go live in a cave in the middle of the jungle <3

Thanks for going through my post!

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2 months ago

Well, we have our own choices and opinions sir. Just hold out your temper with that kind of neighbors you have there. Hihi.

Hmm.. If fate will take you there, surely it will happen any time soon. Just take care.

Your welcome sir.🙇‍♀️

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2 months ago