How I Beat My Obstacles to Write

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We start a new day with the new challenge that each day brings at dawn. Everyone has different challenges in each life, because each life is different, it is logical. There are people who are faced with the challenge of what they are going to write during the day, especially on these types of platforms where creating content is usually a challenge of different levels, because there is the embellishment part of the text that is published.

I am not talking about the technical parts that have to do with the development of the premise and other types of techniques that are used to write, but rather with the format and layout that is given to the text that is going to be published, the content itself, the letters to put, if italics, if to highlight a paragraph or a text, if to put an image here or there and what type of image to put. So people face this kind of challenge on a daily basis.

I am speaking, of course, of those of us who are dedicated to creating content.

And I bring up this topic because lately in the Discord communities in which I usually live, I have seen how concern always comes up about what I am going to write today, what type of content I am doing, I don't know what to write. Some people have expressed that they suffer from writer's block and this is a subject that I have spoken about repeatedly and countless times.

As a curious anecdote, I tell you that I had writer's block today because it really wasn't so much a writer's block (which it was).

Let's see how I explain myself. I am faced with the problem of how to tell you what I want to express and today it was how to communicate to you what I had seen or have been seeing for some time that various people in the different communities suffer and It's that they don't know how to write and, unlike them, I do know what writing is, but the challenge I face is how to say it, it's something that is in the same vein, but is more complex, or at least I see it and it is more complex for me.

I suppose that experienced people who have been writing for a long time suffer from this same challenge, this same obstacle. So how did I overcome this obstacle today?. First of all, I followed the typical steps that I myself suggest in my other posts, such as researching what are the reasons why people have writer's block.

And this is something that I already know perfectly. Writer's block comes from lack of inspiration, lack of motivation or having no idea what to write.

Different pages suggest that you exercise, manage your breathing, meditate, watch a movie. There are other methods such as the method of choosing several words at random and building a sentence with those words and from there creating a story.

And all those tricks and all those techniques, I know them by heart to the letter. I have used every one of them.

In fact, I have a record to brag to you about, a record of writing 365 continuous stories for a year using this random 5-word method. So, I've already tried it and it's no longer a challenge. It's not a challenge for me, it just became, it became more routine, something I don't like to do anymore because it's not challenging.

Instead, currently, if I have this challenge that I have the ideas and I have structured in my mind what I want to convey to you in the publication, but I can't find the words or the right way to tell you.

Of course, I think this is due to the fact that my mind processes ideas at such an accelerated rate, that when I start to write and express an idea on my keyboard, another one comes to me and the ideas run over.

I lose track of what I'm thinking about one topic and head off to think about the other idea, which makes me lose track of what I was writing.

This is precisely one of the effects of procrastination. In this case, I try to apply what I have also always done: concentration exercises that help me focus on what I am writing. Currently, this is easier for me because, with the help of technology, what I do is record the whole idea that I have at that moment.

Previously, I recorded it on my phone, everything I wanted to tell you, the story, the story, the story. All the thinking and then I would listen to all that text. As I paused and as I listened to the text, I was writing.

In fact, I have several applications related to this on my computer.

One of them is Parlatype, of which just out of curiosity I am going to leave you a screenshot.

Because this is not a Parlatype review, but rather an explanation of how I get over writer's block.

Parlatype is simply a player that allows you to pause and it overlays or overlays the text one is typing. In this way it is very useful because, as the player is superimposed, for example, on the notepad or on Microsoft Word or any other word processor that you are using, you press play and while you are listening to what you are writing, you can write in notepad or in Word or whatever text editor you are using at the same time, which makes it a very useful tool.

And it's a very NERD tool obviously.

I don't know if there will be versions of this tool for Windows. I guess so, but in my case, I use this tool on Linux. To be more specific, on Lubuntu 23.04, which is the operating system I'm using.


Here you can see the screenshot of Parlatype.


I see that the new generations, young people, women and men from 30 to 40 years of age, have these kinds of problems.

And since I've already made many guides about it, it just occurred to me to show you how I overcome, or how I overcame, today this writer's block. And bring you this content.

Now, of course, I already have all the content written, which is what all of you are reading right now. And now I face a challenge on another level, which is what kind of image am I going to put as the header of this publication?

In addition to this, what labels am I going to use? What title am I going to give this publication? In which community is it best for me to publish? And this is another challenge that is always more intense.

For this, I use artificial intelligence to suggest which titles may be more attractive for this text.

Of the different options that the artificial intelligences offer me when I ask them what titles I can put, I choose the one that seems most attractive to me. And that is the title that this post will have =D.

Likewise, I usually ask artificial intelligence what is the best image that would correspond to a text of this type. If it is a story, or if it is a story, or an explanation like the one I am currently doing, artificial intelligence suggests what kind of images can be consistent with this text.

And in this way, I use technological tools to help me write these texts and to help me overcome writer's block.

And this, I think is something very important that everyone should use and that can help them tremendously.


In many cases, you can even ask him or ask him to suggest topics to write about. And there you will be able to have ideas to be able to make your content, be it a story, be it an explanation like this or be it a video that can generate quite interesting ideas for you to create content.

And it all depends on the approach you give it and what you ask or request from these tools to help you. In my experience, the more specific and detailed you give the AI ‚Äč‚Äčabout what you need, the more accurate the answer and result you will get.

I'm thinking about making a post about this in the future, but to think that it's going to be so long (it can easily reach 10 thousand words in a single language) and all the work that it will take me, the truth makes me abandon that idea. ha ha ha.

This has been my writing for today about how I overcame this kind of writer's block, to tell you how I do things on a daily basis.

I hope this is useful and if it is, please let me know in the comments and above all, pass it on to other people who may be suffering from this problem and who surely need to have an idea on how to overcome it.

Thank you very much and have a happy start to the week.


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