How did I become an acrobat?

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7 months ago

Alright folks, today we have a word that means a lot of action, a lot of movement, it's a bold word.

Today we are going to talk about acrobat, which comes from the Greek acrobat or acrobates, it is a masculine and feminine at the same time, means a person who jumps or practicability on the trapeze or tightrope, or performs certain gymnastic exercises mainly in public shows.

It is a past tense adjective of acrobatic, which belongs to the acrobat and acrobatics.

We have that it is a person who does pirouettes, who does jumps, flips, generally they work in a show, in the circus, in the theater, or we can see them on the street juggling. They are people who have exceptional physical abilities and they are people who require a lot of training to be able to do those feats.


Source of the definition

An example of acrobats, it can be a circus trapeze artist, it can be a contortionist, it is a type of acrobat that also contorts and those people who walk a tightrope are acrobats.

I want to mention a couple of famous acrobats, for example Philip Petit who is the acrobat who walked a tightrope between the twin towers in New York in 1974 and we also have another important acrobat who is Nick Wallenda who walked on a tightrope in the grand canyon and in niagara falls. Wow, you have to have nerves of steel and great control and, above all, tremendous balance and control of the body!

They are people who really seem very impressive to me; because to maintain control on a tightrope, for example in the case of Mr. Nick Wallenda who walked on Niagara Falls and have control of your body right, to, on the one hand, maintain balance while you are listening to the flow of the falls, of the nature that is below you, just a few meters away, and being in control in that situation, as it obviously produces a large amount of adrenaline, is what I imagine.

Today's post is about how I became an acrobat.

Many will think that I walk a tightrope, or that I do somersaults in a circus, and no, it's not about any of that, I'm just Venezuelan, and to live here in this country you have to be an acrobat in every sense of finance and of life, because for example if we go out into the street, well one has to be doing stunts all the time to avoid the cars, which often do not give way when passing through the pedestrian crossing the step to one, even having one the step and the light is red.

You also have to be acrobatics to avoid motorists, motorcyclists who often have the intention of robbing you and this is a type of stunt that Venezuelans are used to doing.

In addition to the large number of stunts and financial acrobatics that we submit to daily due to the high cost of living, we have to do it with a salary that is minimal, earnings that are minimal, really just a few cents on the dollar, we have to feed ourselves for a whole month to us, and to our families in the case of people who have families.

So through the years I have become an acrobat of finances and life because of all the difficult situations I have had to go through: the death of my relatives and having to bury them at different times, without having any way to being able to afford the funeral or the burial, or the burial, or the urn, I didn't have a job at that time, I had to do somersaults.

Through the years I have had to overcome different difficulties and I became an acrobat.

And how did I become an acrobat? For each of the situations that presented itself to me and without having anyone to turn to, I had to figure it out, think a lot about what kind of activities to do for a living and fortunately the world of the internet and he helped me with the online jobs, I was doing surveys and I evolved from one thing to another, until I reached the crypto world and the world of microblogging, and here I am doing stunts to continue surviving and continue paying the day-to-day bills, while I share with you my knowledge about the words of our rich Spanish language.

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7 months ago


I like how you took the context in a figurative way Rei. You are really a great writer and I can tell because you managed to draft 30 publications in 4 days. That's insane! 🤭

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7 months ago

Thanks my crush. Yeah, that was quite a feat, I'm still tired after doing that hahahaha.

When I set out to write, I take it very seriously. And the art of writing (when you study it professionally like me, and you have friends who are filmmakers, screenwriters, writers, etc.) educates you in the use of symbols and many other resources that are used when writing. There is a great technical process behind each of my texts, it is not just a random topic, but in each of them I work on the narrative, the 3 acts (sometimes more), the psychology, the character, the premise of the story, the antagonist, and many other things that must be taken into account, and that here in less than 1% know.

At least I have the satisfaction that I make my contribution, with my particular style, leaving my texts here in read =)

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7 months ago

Wow. That demonstrates a must needed attention to detail then. Your efforts really paid off :)

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7 months ago