Conquering Systemic Barriers to Achieving Our Goals

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1 month ago

Sometimes it is necessary to reflect and internalize to think about building more barriers.

Everything is depending on the situation and the barriers can be of different types or different natures. Sometimes they can be emotional barriers and here we are talking about when the person has suffered many breaks or is very broken emotionally speaking and builds more barriers to avoid being known or open to other people, in this way he protects himself from these barriers.

Many people do not like to feel vulnerable and I am one of them who does not like to have that feeling of being exposed.
Because of the characteristics that I have had in my life, I always like to have the situation in control. There are certain things that I leave at random, such as choosing the type of shoe that I am going to buy, and the color shoe that I am going to buy, in reality, I do not care, to give you an example.
Recently I bought sandals that were in a sale because they were pink and nobody wanted to buy them.

I took the opportunity to buy them because they were on sale and I do not care if they are pink, green, or for women or men. If I am going to use them in the house and the only person who is going to see them is me, in that sense, I am very practical.

But returning to the issue of barriers, people tend to put on different types of barriers.

They also put on monetary, and spiritual barriers of different types and I think that having barriers is a double-edged sword. It can be positive, it can be negative.

I am always the type of person who tends to be very practical and seeks efficiency and while these barriers are of the type they are, they produce a benefit and give an added value and they are positive or contribute to the growth of people or the person, I think that I am very permissive with having them, with adding barriers.

In addition to this, there is the practical and literal meaning of the word, adding barriers that are like a shield to protect, in this case, a dam, to protect construction of a dam or a mountain of land and to prevent a pool from overflowing.

So more barriers are placed or barriers are placed.

As we see, the language is very rich and it is used to do many things with it.

And today I just wanted to talk about how I see this issue of more barriers.

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1 month ago


I'm guessing no one including us virtuals gets to see the pink sandals, haha

I don't know why when I hear the term barrier I want bust it down. It must be all the construction detours I take when I'm driving.

I agree barriers can both be positive and negative. Of course when they are used to restrict something we want or need it's a pain in the @ss.

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1 month ago

It may be that everything that means a challenge or challenge is interesting to you and that is why you approach it hahahaha.

These days I show a photograph of my powerful pink hahahaha

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1 month ago