A Night to Remember

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4 months ago

Today I come to speak,
with many things to share and leak,
between my participation and my few hits,
I try to write a poem about good music gigs.

But as I write and continue,
I realize I have made a mistake on cue,
the prompt I have for today,
speaks of the best concert, I must say.

But that's just how I am,
often mistaken, no need to slam,
I keep trying with all my might,
because writing isn't my forte, that's right.

On rare occasions, I find,
poetry flows freely from my mind,
but as the saying goes, each to their own,
so I carry on, and the rest is known.

Today I take the free writing community's lead,
on the best concert, my poem will succeed,
I've decided to turn it around,
with this material, I'm game and sound.

That's why this time I reach out to you,
my dearest gems, with rhymes anew,
trying to cross and overcome every hiccup,
writing about this topic, a new pickup.

To end this day, and leave you in good health,
I express my gratitude with emotional wealth,
hoping these rhymes meet your esteem,
and contribute to making them a good team.

I hope you have enjoyed this poem, because I am not a poet and from time to time I like to express what I feel with a few words that come from within me.

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4 months ago


Still you made it so beautiful to read sir. Some may not appreciate, but I know most of your readers really do.. :-)

By the way, its been a while since the last time I left my comments in your posts. My apologies for that.

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4 months ago

Yes, I really appreciate it, I really care about your comments.

Do not worry my dear @renren16 I know that we all have a life full of occupations and that we would like to participate much more in the spaces of others, do it when you have the time, I am sure that you read me, that for me already It's enough.

I would like to have much more time to visit and comment on each one of you, but my time is limited, I publish on different platforms and I don't have enough time to leave comments for everyone.

I promise to make time to visit you and comment on my dear volleyball player! <3

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4 months ago