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I know I only have a few subscribers, but I hope that this blog will be a helpful one to other moms and moms to be.

By the way, I just gave birth 3months ago and I am a full time mom. I used to work as a customer support and I buy things that I like and need using my own money. Even on dates, I always go for split bill or it's either you buy the food and I'll buy the drink type of girl.

Being a stay at home mom and always asking for money from my husband for baby needs is one of my struggles. Don't worry he doesn't mind giving me money for things that we need. I am just not used to asking money from my partner for something that I need. I only buy important stuff and some of my needs are also our babies needs.

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Most of the products that I purchased was discounted or I used shopeecoins. Click on the product name or picture to check on the link. Prices may also vary depending on the store's offer or ongoing sale.

1. Diapers


(I found a Facebook page that gives you discount on Huggies Diapers for newborn and small sizes. Some mothers were able to get discount code for large or medium sizes too but I don't know how. (Baka depende sa ongoing discount offered)

Here's how I got a discount code for a 150 pesos off:

  • Go to Facebook and search for WOOP Offers page

  • Like the page and send a message (better use Messenger Lite or a browser sa pc kasi madalas di nagwwork sa Messenger. I don't know if it's already working na sa messenger)

  • Just follow the instructions just like the picture below

  • From there, enter the code to your Shopee account and it will should show up on your vouchers list before checking out.

  • Take note, there is a product option on Huggies Shopee and choose the 1 pack or 2 packs. It's up to you. 1 discount code per email address.

  • Optional: wait for a free shipping offer or use Shopee coins for more discount

Yubest Diapers and Baby Wipes

Diapers is the most essential needs for the baby, especially for newborns. Choosing the correct brand is also a trial and error due to their sensitive skin. This is one of the cheapest diapers and baby wipes that I've bought. It's really small and fit for average sized newborns. Same with the wipes, is also small. The size wasn't indicated on the product details too. That's why the price is very very cheap.

Unilove Airpro

I was able to get a good deal for this brand because I used my Shopeecoins. I am not sure if Unilove is a local brand but it's impressive. If you notice it's rating, it has 5.0 from more than a thousand purchases. I'll go with this brand if I'm into disposable diapers.

2. Rubber mat

The smaller the size, the cheaper. I ordered the large size because I know that I can still use this even when she's years older. Take note, I can't remember if this was the cheapest price that I've seen but I usually order the one with the most highest or at least good reviews with the cheapest offer.

3. Dove bath hair to toe and lotion bundle

Yes, I got it for 246 pesos only. If you notice the price when I bought it was 311 pesos, but if you check on the link it is now 461 pesos. I also redeemed 70 shopeecoins that's why I got it for that price. :)

4. Bath towel

I will not include the link because I didn't like this product. It was cheap, yes but the product name/description didn't fit the item. It has more like a blanket type fabric which is not absorbent for a bath towel. When I also checked the product display page, they changed the product name to Flagship Cotton flannel baby blanket hooded bath towel. UGH still misleading

This towel is more worth it. Has microfiber fabric and very comfortable.

5. Insect repellent

Baby care insect repellent lotion

Affordable and mild scent citronella lotion. Maganda sya infair, but you have to put a generous amount. Di ko sya masyado nagagamit before kasi pawisin kami ni baby. Parehas kaming lumalagkit with any lotion T_T


This brand has a strong scent. If nakabili kayo ng citronella spray sa Ace Hardware, that's how it smells like. Masyadong strong and amoy chemical, which I didn't like.

China brand

Good deal for its price? I don't think so, it's a lot more and cheaper than the other mosquito patches. Using one sticker won't work, I ended up using the whole pad (6pcs) per day.

6. Laundry detergent for babies

Unilove Laundry detergent

Good deal but don't trust on the scent. No scent at all, I'm not sure if the same goes to the other variant, Powder scent.

Smart steps Laundry detergent

Very very light scent compared to Tiny Buds

Mr. Bundles Oxywash

I use this detergent to my cloth diapers. The scent may not be strong on the first wash but you'll smell the scent if you use this detergent more often.

If you are a CD-ing mom, I'll post another blog about it.

Organica Laundry Powder for babies

I found this product when I was browsing theAsianParent app for baby supplies or recommendable brands/items. It's surprisingly okay compared to Unilove, Tinybuds and SmartSteps. Way cheaper than those brands, I just used it 2x but I'm still evaluating it after a few more washes. This product claims that it's organic and I really hope it is. If that's the case, I highly recommend this brand.

6. Wet wipes


This is one of the most affordable and quality brands I have tried. The picture below is a bundle offer but you can get one pack for only 64 pesos for 108pulls. I was also surprised by its quality and size. It also claims that it's biodegradable. This is my go to wet wipes already.

Advantages 100% made for Babies

No Harmful Chemicals

No Phenoxyethanol & Citric Acid

Clinically Tested and Approved

Enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & Fruit Extract

99% Water

Winney wet wipes

It's very affordable but I doubt this product. There's a Qr code at the back and when I scanned it, just leads me to installing WeChat. It smells good for the Aloe Vera Extract but the quality and size is just fine for its price. I didn't like the packaging as it may dry up the wipes. Just be careful not to remove the cover all the way.

7. Breastmilk bags

Dr. Dudu

One of the most common milk bags used by mommies. This is probably the cheapest and the most convenient bag to use. It has other variants but it is a little more expensive that the blue ones.


Cheaper than Dr. Dudu but I don't like the highly plastic feel of this product. I am also having a hard time opening the pouch most of the time the seal comes off.


I am currently using this brand. It's nice, smaller than the other brands as it holds up to 120ml/4oz only. Just enough to stash small amount per feeding for my baby.


There were only a few brands for the other products because I plan to stick on one brand as much as possible. Once I've tried the cheapest brand and my baby's skin doesn't react to it, that's the one that I probably use.

If you have any product recommendation don't hesitate to share it with me. I might try and like it too!

BTW, I don't shop on Lazada anymore. I enjoy using shopee more often than Lazada.

Kudos to all moms out there! That's all for now folks.


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Ang hirap magkababy huhu dami nila kailangan tapos aalagaan pa. Ang sakit sa bulsa at ulo pag nagkasakit pa :( huhu

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2 years ago

Hahahaha totoo yan. Pero that's the nature eh. ibayong ingat na lang din talaga hugs!!!

$ 0.00
2 years ago

i am into cd too mommy.. i am interested with the organic... this article is very appreciated! as for the huggies, i felt like its too thick for my baby.. i used disposable once in a while especially noong newborn palang..

$ 0.01
2 years ago

apir mamsh! I just started my cd journey and I'm still using dd pero during night time na lang, inuubos ko nalang ganun. Apparently, I bought so much dd and I thought I started using cds too early, pero we can start naman pala anytime that we can.

$ 0.01
2 years ago

i use dd as well as night.. i don't want lang na masoak sa basang cd si baby... never tried pa na mag cd sa gabi and pag tag ulan ayoko mag cd.. although nasasayangan talaga ako sa mga natatapon na dd..hehe

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Hi sis, nice meeting you. Anak ka din pala ng shopee (charot!). Ako po suki din ni Shopee pero mostly ang mga inoorder ko ay mga bedsheets, chargers, carpets, etc. Never pako umorder ng baby products kasi medyo hesitant ako at baka kayo mamaya eh peke ang ibigay saken.

$ 0.01
2 years ago

nice meeting you din po! ay hahahha bedsheets and other products na mas madaling magkamali sa size naman ung bihira kong bilin sa Shopee. When it comes to baby products, masusing paghahanap talaga and pagcheck ng ratings.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

never pa naman ako nagkamali sa size ng bedsheet sis. Sa size ng tempered glass ng tablet ou, not once but twice.hehehe..pero nakatipid pa din ako kumpara kung bibili sa mall which is nasa 500. Sa shopee, nasa 100 lang ang isa.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

nako sinabi mo pa. tapos abang na lang free shipping hahahaha. papabudol ba tayo sa 9.9

$ 0.00
2 years ago

naku sis andami ko nang naka add to cart :)...ahahaha..

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2 years ago